posted on August 26, 2010 at 10:32 pm

bone idyll

in the morning it was snowing

i lay quietly watching oh baby gently dreaming

she murmured softly in her sleep

i held her hand tho she was far away

it was snowing and the flakes danced in the wind

they swirled around the bare trees in our garden

the room was warm n still

i lay there for a while feeling so contented

i watched my baby as she dreamed

i watched the swirling snow

i felt the delectable softness of our bed

i could smell babys sweet breath as she dreamed her lovely dream

her hair all tangled on the pillow

in her pink pyjamas

with her perfect skin

in our lovely old house

where we lived in my england

where there was no conflict

just a sleepy happiness

just another cup of tea and a muffin maybe

a muffin baby bought for me when she was shopping

she bought me a muffin home and she kissed me on the forehead

i got this for you she said

it was the most delicious muffin

we shared it baby didnt we

we share everything dont we

everything our house and our garden and our make believe lives

baby says oh dear steven i could never hurt you

and i believe her and i trust her and she is always  kind

baby kisses my back

baby says oh steven let me take care of you

and she makes me porridge and toast and jam

and we watch the snow together

we talk about narnia too

we both love those books

as we eat our toast and drink our tea

and what will we do today..?  i ask baby

and she points to that silly little dog we have

and so we get all rugged up nice n warm

tuck your shirt in properly she says

you’ll never stay warm with your shirt all hanging out

and she tucks it in for me

she says i’m a silly poppet

and we go out walking

in the woods

our little dog runs along happily

oh what a crisp cold day

baby your cheeks are all rosy

baby your hands are all cold

i warm them up for you

i love to hold your cold little hands, dont i?

i wear the gloves your mother made for me

here steve she said i know blue is your favourite colour

a pair of blue gloves, oh thank you i said

youre welcome she said and smiled

you and her with that same smile

i wear my blue gloves and i think of that smile

we walk through the woods together

we talk about the trees and the little brook

we talk about reynard the fox

we talk about the old black crow in the tree

we talk about christmas

i wonder what i’ll get for you this year

something really nice thats for sure

something for a cold day like this

something pretty that will suit you

when we get home you put the kettle on

another cuppa? you ask

we have some biscuits with pink and yellow icing

teddy bear biscuits oh my favourite

i clap my hands with delight

gee youre nice …! i say shyly then

am i really nice ? you ask

oh yes i say of course

really really nice…! i add

wow thanks …you say

as you dip a yellow teddy bear into your tea

and the snow starts up again outside

and the fire crackles again in the grate

and evening falls in shades of blue

i sip my tea

i watch my baby

gee i love her so much

do you really ? she says

yes baby i say


i really do

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