posted on January 6, 2015 at 11:33 pm
mired in maya

mired in maya

conundrums paradoxes and maya rain down on me in an unbelievable way

moral dilemmas and quadralemmas

man i got them lemmas everywhere i go

i gotta laugh at this universe who aches to see me solve the curly ones

rolled at me

every fucking thing i do is involved in so much argy bargy

everyone oh no… being disappointed again

i move into a new place in another eastern suburb

a woman comes up to me

oh youre our new neighbour she says and seems nice

how you liking it so far? she says

its pretty good and pretty quiet i says

attempting to make some small talk

i says except for the guy with the fucking guitar and the PA

(some of the readers will understand how i dismayed i am

to find next door to the right is a geeza who every saturday night

gives the whole neighbourhood the privilege of listening in

on his very loud performances of a bunch of songs from now

and “favourites” from yesteryear

all rendered in a pearl jammy reedy nasally affectation

that really gets my gander after awhile

wondering why he is not just happy like most of us musicians

to keep it to ourselves and if we annoy the neighbours it is never our intention

i could not even begin to make music if it was pissing someone off

therefore i dont see why the whole neighbourhood should be subjected to it

esp. as it is cover versions and not something brilliantly original

which demands to be heard

rather it is proficient busker churning thru a dull old bunch of numbers

ie it would not surprise me to hear milky way trotted out ha ha)

the woman says dont you like it?

nah i says i dont wanna hear it at all

why do you actually like it? i says increduously

oh i love it! she says and walks off angrily to you guessed it next door right

the next performances have come with a new element

a hearty cheering and clapping by about 5 people to let me know i was wrong i presume

damn me and my big mouth1

i am australias larry david stumbling from one thing to the next

a cynical sucker fumbling the ball

its all maya

its all an illusion

i am writing these words to myself

whoever maybe reading this now exists out there

and understands this or not

but i hereby sternly remind myself that this is all maya

i am an eternal spirit who has fallen for some reason into this material nature

in the kali yuga which is the age of quarrel

quarrel it certainly is

as nations go to war for slight theological differences

in some old myth from a bunch of guys in the desert

aggrandising themselves with stories about their own big strong daddy god

that they write themselves justifying their atrocities because their god okayed it

and ever since the butchery has continued over these tent god tales

it is patently obvious that the creator of this universe

was no chump acting like some angry patriarch

blasting cities and having silly little favourites

check this universe out you fools it does not work like that!

all these words are the words of writers and editors and publishers and translators

why would a god who can create the moon and stars need some boffin sitting in a tent

to write it all down for him?

anyway i aint part of of any of the peoples of the books

i aint with ya

i aint with the unswerving self righteousness of you and your books

i now anticipate with some trepidation

our lovely christian lady commenter who faithfully chimes in

with her get thee behind me satans and all that baloney

it used to amuse me now it fills me with inertia

to read the inane parrotting of some old testicle fire n brimstone

lady this is not salem in them good old witchburning days

no lady witches aint causing my problems…

its fucking old age believe it or not!

just like the stupidest savage you see some supernatural reason in everything

something bad its the naughty old devil

something good its good jehovah big daddy saving your day

cos you “believe” in him

dont that ever strike you as a strange fucking bargain right there?

i will save your neck (for a while) if you “believe” in me

except for poor old fucking job

he “believed” and daddy jehovahpants did not save his neck

and then  instructed some tent bound boffin to brag about it in a book

lady no one thinks the old testament is literal truth

anyone can see it is a collection of rules and regulations and myths and allegories

borrowing freely from civilisations that proceeded it

ie the garden of eden etc etc

theyre not even the guy in the tents own stories

they are fragments of folklore from bygone eras

dont quote that tiresome bullshit to me!

as far as st paul i say again jesus christ would have hated him

he was a murdering self righteous ugly son of a bitch

a pox on his interpretations of JC

who forgave him for the people he murdered ?

jehovah pants according to…him..well thats convenient..

jesus “appeared” to him and said

its ok you killed all those people

change your name by one letter

and your exonerated

then go out and twist my words to make people feel guilty and miserable

yes a murderer and persecutor is a good man for my message of peace

etc etc

please desist with the christian comments already!

or go away and write on bonos page if you want to

i aint printing anymore because its my blog and its irking me

just like our own anonymous friend who still fires off the odd nasty comment

that is eaten up by my spam filter before its hopelessly vapid negativity boreth me

yet he persists boy its a fine line between love and hate

but yet he surely persisteth

go for it son

congratulations! your asinine dribblings go straight into the void you ninny ha ha!

well thats about it whoevers out there

this is all maya

i am a spirit soul moving between lives as i pick up enough oomph

to leave this universe and go onto whatever is next

until a billion years hence

i am walking by a lovely lake in summer with my sweet lord

and hes saying to me:

boy i betcha glad thats all over!



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