posted on December 18, 2005 at 11:58 pm

theres a bitto capitilised excitement
as a opening shot across your cyber bow
so wake yaselves uppe
whats yer name?
whats yer number?
how do you fit in as a cog in this nasssty little mechanism?
are ya fightin’ for the goode guise
or are ya on the side of vevil
are ya strikin’ a blow for the empire of the bohemians
or a ya one of those nassssty “straights”
cos if ya answer yes to any of those questions
then consult ya family g fuckin p
and tell him that sk referred ya

talking of olde sk
(and who, really, isnt, darlingss?)
aint it time that the killah chose his goode
and badde awards for 2005?
and yes, come to think of it
which i do
i mean
good lord , sk, ya not gonna stoop to such a populist device
as a freakin’ awards list?
nope, my friends
but just maybe a casual mention here and there
of those deserving of my humble admiration
and those whom have earned my bitterest scorn loathing diatribe harangue
and not just the ob-vee-us ones, baybee
but those behind the scenes heroes and heroines
who make this olde rockers existence more sublime
for example to mention 2
miss a p from melbourne
a choich fan for 22 years
thick black hair
i gotta touch it, i cant believe it aint a wiggy!
she pops up all over the wurld to see us rock our stuff
and a very nice human bein’ as well
she gives me a cd
which is a track i did with mr gb
who is a musical ledge in my mind
1st time i hear track
very very tasty
nice one gb
i really do love yr werk
you are quite unique in aussie rock swamp
and the badde people, sk?
the ones who really got yer goat, you ascerbic olde cynick
the ones who chatted thru yer gigs like pigs?
the rude baggage handlers who hurt yer basse case?
the mechanoid drongoes in offices everywhere who never heard of ya band?
the people who dont buy yer records?
the parking inspectors who towed yer rolls royce
and clamped yer ferrari?
the guy at the post office who was busy with another customer
and made ya wait?
that guy on
who said he liked tha olde stuff much bettah?
that guy who trod on yer toes at the rydalmere family inn in 1981?
the guy who punched you in front of some girls at a bus stop in civic
in 19 fuckin’72?
are we getting close sk?
who deserves ole sks roth more than any of these blackguards?
well i gottan answer for ya, my little starrlings
yes indeed
and the worst ratbag of all has been….
it was me

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