posted on March 9, 2006 at 11:40 pm

greetings earthlings
this will bee but a short blogge today
the further thoughts of nevets yeblik
so much on my mind right now
so many things coming to fruition
bad news
good news
the trick (which i have not yet mastered)
is to stay even, steven
dont go up and down with this world
dont get sucked into the argument
ignore the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
last nite i watched tarnation
a movie a guy made about his life
cinema verite
absolutely brilliant
as someone said a few days ago
i have a song on there
a record i made hundreds of years ago
in 1988
featuring ms d thayer on vocals
the song was diviner
the guy in the film actually mimed to this song
i was very proud to be in the film
check it out
its heavy but its good
tell em olde sk sent ya!

i have so many calls to make
so many things to remember
times to juggle
meetings, deals, blah blah blah
i must remember who i am
i must not be swayed this way and that
i must not get angry with little insects
that pester and hamper me
failure and success
fame and infamy
rich and poor
loved and unloved
these are the poles that keep us turning
chasing this
running from that
people who used to idolise me
wanna crucify me now
people who wanted to know me
now they dont wanna know me
sometimes i wish i was a bricklayer
didnt have to hear all the praise and blame
charms and blues
be like this
be like that
dont write yer blogg anymore
i dont want to know about you…
write more personal stuff
write more about the chchru
write more about 1988
when i was impressed
sing this song
dont get old
act yer age
quick, relax
so many voices clamouring
i need to keep cool
consider my options
funny enuff
no one ever wants to fuck with me face to face
all the critics and criticisers
gee when i meet ya yer so kind and polite
only brave when its once removed, aint ya!
come backstage and tell me yerself how i suck
or piss off and let me be
anyway im trying to get above it
trying not to fight fire with fire
trying to let it all go
so much happening
i’ll see ya all soon

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