posted on July 16, 2010 at 10:02 am

*todays sage advice from billy at the icebergs pool

i hate the tv
it really is a terrible thing
new research shows over 3 hours a day increasing your chance of heart attack
over 33%
sure i dont mind a good wildlife doco or the occasional thing
like deadwood or sopranos or underbelly
but most of it is fucking garbage
especially reality shows
i pity the poor mugs glued to the idiot box
their brains in some half life state
their hearts slowly choking
people without a life
wasting the life they could have watching some stupid show
turn the telly off
put down the beer
ditch the meat n be something
make something outta yerself
its killing ya
its killing conversation
its draining yer energy
it’ll turn you into a used up clown
believe me ive seen it happen
imagine the good old days before it came along
when people’d you know uh…converse n stuff
i could do without it
the next house i have i aint gonna have one n thats a promise
i aint got time to sit there like fool drooling over some old nonsense
go on, i dare ya, turn it off
write a poem
have a walk
do some yoga
but the cretin-inducing box and the hollow zombies that worship it
go on

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