posted on January 16, 2006 at 11:35 pm

the black corridor of time
the delicious hit of space
here we are
out here together
you know what i mean
were gonna seduce this whole universe
we gonna have our way with the stars
(the stars, baby)
you and i
all of you and all of i
the sweet merger of everything
atom for atom
bit by bit
tit for tat
we always knew this was all here
who kept us out
but ourselves?
im writing this to you now
because we have always been in love
in the anguish of our luscious separation
in the mornings of serene lonesomeness
during the unbelievable and outrageous struggle
just to be here now
at all
you were always on my mind
you were always on my mind
voices in side tell us what to say
ive spoken to you before
from the wings
from the shadows
i wrote you a letter
i couldnt post
i did a picture of you
i couldnt bear to start
i have gone through so much
so much more to go
weariness without you
but something charges us
intake of energetic refill complete
in dark nights prior to earth
we struck up a conversation
remind all yourselves
i was there
say it
yes you are my old companion
those were good times
million years of lives telescopes
2 compact seconds now
maybe irretrievable
you gotta try hard
you gotta try harder
you say
what do you want
who are you
why should i listen to you
i say
i dunno
maybe because we are
the only ones here
maybe because it
could make you smile
and for some strange reason
and despite all i know
when you smile
it makes me glad
that i waded through the swampy
im sorry to tell you now
look at the map
look at the clock
we only just began this yesterday morning
we have been resting
revive drive survive
now alive
and kicking at the pricks
from the thorny fucking paths
that lately i had been a’wanderin’
whatever that means to you
if youre still with me
its so sad that we meet this way
after all that we were along timeago
ive started to get used to some of it
but i still wish that
i would get
to the
i have to go now
i cant even think now
why it was so important
to tell you all this
im sinking back into character
my part reclaims me
i am back to normal
i still love you tho’

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