posted on July 18, 2007 at 4:00 am

good evening thrillseekers
its yer being back
and these fucking words are just dripping from my fingers
my lovely tapered magicians fingers
well here we are wednesday
the all-fathers day
odin who gave one of his eyes for knowledge
those crazy scandanavian gods
i tell you they knew how to live it up
of course i identified with loki more than the others
but now im ready to play him in a serious film about asgard
which in english means
the garden of the dead
or simply
oh i would be the most wonderful loki
look if you are casting this movie
please stop here
your search is over
i am the perfect man for this part
casting odin could be tricky however
perhaps the chap who did gandalf…….
he is old but strong
wise beyond belief
still sexy tho
muse : uh oh i see where this is going…..
well muse you know it really isnt that clever
the way you read my mind
but now youve spoilt the joke
muse : trust me yebby, they saw it coming a mile off
i could play loki or odin i guess
muse : why not both….?
yeah…youre right..i could be both
muse : what happened with playing king whatsy in prince casp?
they never did the movie…did they
muse : you were a shoe-in, as we said in ancient greece
so you are greek, muse….?
is that why you whisper to me to move to melbourne?
ed : melbourne contains second largest greek pop in world
whos ed?
muse : i thought he was with you
ed : no i am a semi-autonomous function
back to narnia though
does anyone out there know if theyre gonna do anymore narnia films?
goddammit im gonna have to write my own set of brilliant childrens books
so i can play the choice characters when they movie-ise it
someone mentioned king lear
yes thats me too
or zeus
muse :need a bit of makeup n wigs n personal trainers for that gig
thanks a lot
muse : ive met the real zeus, yeblik…..
oh right
god im embarrassed now…is he anything like me?
muse : not really…except the white beard
anyone from those days i resemble?
muse : well….now dont get all big headed now but…
muse : dont make me laugh….
is it a mortal?
muse : yep
the big o?
muse: odysseus? get outta here!
was it either of the ajaxes?
muse: nope
king priam of troy?
muse : ah getting closer
oh at least he was a king then…
muse : he sure was….
muse : uh huh ..
you dont mean
muse : i met him ….youre a dead ringer
king midas?
muse : bingo
the king with asses ears
muse : better than an ear on your ass!

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