posted on June 4, 2008 at 2:27 am

walk along arguing with myself
in the rain in the soft new winter rain
and i swim in that cold pool
which is cold and clear
and i force myself to do it
i ease down into that briny pool
at the edge of the land
swim swim swim
the body a marvelous machine
waves come over the side
the ocean is soft and creamy
it does its usual sandpatterns on the bottom of the pool
like zebra stripes
like camouflage
like a message to me
even underwater my ears ring
especially underwater
i like the idea of winter
i just dont like winter itself
i dont like the way it makes me huddle
oh my hands are cold right now
i heat them up sometimes on the doodles backs
the doodles always have lovely warm backs
the doodles with their constant jabbering n jawing
eve has a lovely singing voice
what a strange girl she is…..
im listening to winter dreams by all india radio
perfect for today
outside a grey white rainy foggy day
i sit in my messy room
what the hell am i?
i get paid to write about myself?
today i feel kinda hollow
but not in a bad way
i dont feel so opinionated…what a relief
who cares anyway?
about what?
about anything
today its softly raining
and i’m typing a blog
its 2008 and the twills are on the edge of seventeen
just like the white winged dove
and i got a little machine that does everything
and somebody in korea will read these words very soon
and somebody else prob’ly never will
i ramble on like a road
threatenin’ to lead you somewhere
you wander along looking at the sights
the bondi flowers all glowing in the rain
hey i’m living in a tourist resort in winter
bondi empties out around this time o year
but the trees dont lose their leaves
and all the flowers keep on blooming
and the surfies keep on riding
and the olde salty dogs like moi keep jumping in the sea
fuck being cold…who cares
i dont mind being cold in the sea
i just hate being cold at home
nor do i wanna be blasted with blasted heaters
i want it just…
today its over to tee pees place for more church
today some cello work on our burgeoning masterpiece
then some “fix-up” singing
last night johnny n i working on esoteric music club
coming soon on karmic hit
gee theres some goode stuffe coming your waye
also sent the hejstudio my latest paintings
which may or may not squeeze into my exhibition
which i am rather excited about albeit i wont be there
my paintings are getting better n better
so is my singing n writing
i’m fighting against the clock now
which i notice ticking faster n louder
as i enter my mid fifties
seriously olde….cmon
can any of you out there say
no no…youre still young
no im olde as olde and its a relief
forgetting style fashion image competition
i am free finally to concentrate on the real stuff :
creating something that you’ll think is nice…
and trying to eke a living for my fambley
and spiritual emancipation
and the search for a perfect banana smoothie
and the day to day confrontation of life
my life
life on earth
what does it all fucking mean?
somedays i say nothing
somedays i say everything
somedays atheist
somedays a theist
i intrigue myself like a random pattern on a wall
steve kilbey schmilbey
what did that achieve?
whats going on in there up there out there
i am the metaphysical singing detective
im looking n looking n looking
i think i find something
i can never put into words
theres bits of it all over the place
everywhere really
thats all for today

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