posted on September 8, 2016 at 10:10 pm


your old friend the time being sitting here drinking this so called illegal mezcal

that my friend the booze importer gave me

i must admit i fuckin’ enjoying meself here

tho kids i dont advocate you do this at home

of course i have had one hour of yoga

one hour of swimming

one hour of walking

and one hour of blah blah blah blah so there you go

getting old but im still younger than most of em will ever be again

life surprises me life excites me

i have 5 unbelievable beautiful daughters for christs sake

the words fall outta the air for me

i have the regal bearing of an exiled king now pauper

i’m having a laugh

i’m meeting people all over the place

wild and crazy offers come in

i try my best i try to do my best

it dont always work out how you think it would or should or could

what ya gonna do?

ya gonna get up and fucking get on with it

or ya gonna lay around moaning and writhing about

as a matter of fact both those things happen to me

in reality i am already complete but i feel incomplete

it is merely to actualise it i suppose

with what i know it should be easy

september music month whoopee

listen to some rare track i did

and then consider the huge injustice of my relative obscurity

or understand the correlation between life and death

or tap your foot and hum the fucking chorus

i dunno

do what ever you want to

you will anyway


im just writing my blog and sipping some illegal mezcal

and i feel..pleasantly¬†detached…



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