posted on October 28, 2012 at 12:57 pm

normally mad

as 2012 nears its end

things get madder and madder

madder sea madder field madder lake

its insanity out there

people arguing people cursing people lying

conditions seem to align for dissent

no one can trust anyone with anything

yeah faking it or just scraping by

so much stuff to sort through

no source is accepted as indisputable

it seems you must question everything

nothing is a given

conspiracies abound round paranoia

join the queues who accuse

i dont trust myself anymore

i mean who do you believe….?

halfway thru the movie

the good guys are turning out to be villains in spades

everytime the villain shows his face

some of us kids scream out ..oh no there he is..!

the villain looks at us and says shhhh!

hes angry with us now…!

the rest of the kids in the audience turn round frowning

and so it is the villain appearing …us screaming….

why cant the others see him there threatening the heroes and heroines?

ha ha in the sauna theyre arguing over the amount of steam

in the pool some stupid swimming club has monopolised 4 of the lanes

the rest of us swim up n down bumping into each other

people i dont even know say hello to me

hey sk …!

a guy calls out

see you at the ent cent with simple minds…!

ok i say

you will!

i thought i was alone in this crowd…..

persecution causes deception

causing more persecution n need for more deception…

i lie under torture to make it stop

i rat out everybody even myself

i deny christ before that cock crows thrice

yeah you know the nazarene …says someone

nah…not me…i never seen ‘im ..i hear myself croak

in chambers of my heart jesus and my father and my heavenly father

they watch on

sad at my wrong decisions yet mostly understanding

abide with us…they say ….

meanwhile in the turmoil of the real life

the hurly fucking burly baby

dog eat dog eat dog eat dog

cat fuck screaming cat

pig snort lion roar

eagle soar

skyscraper carnivore ….




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