posted on April 17, 2007 at 4:19 am

dear people in croatia
im sorry
youre all right
the stuff i wrote was …..
upon reading it back
was pathetic bitter stupid
and just the kind of ignorance
that i rail against myself here on these pages
ive always been a classic example
of blaming the people who do come to the shows..
instead of being grateful that they came
i dont know anything about croatia at all
and where it might be funny to slag off, say
new zealand or london
or whatever…parts of america
this vile blog made me thoroughly ashamed of myself
if you can accept my apology then do so
i wouldnt blame ya if ya didnt
it was truly the pits
theres no excuse
i m just totally stupid sometimes
iam chastened n sobered by your responses
to the guy who brought us food
im fucking sorry too
i didnt know that was how it went down
put yer email address here
and i’ll fix you up
i didnt speak for no one except myself
and it was all wrong
i really am sorry
ive deleted it
ive never done that before
im so angry with myself
i hope ive learned a lesson
the anger was really directed against myself
cos it IS hard being a washed up old rocker
driving for miles
being late
being average
and playing to a big room
with hardly anyone in there
my ill considered views did NOT
represent any one else in the organization
i wish i could take it back…
i was trying to be funny n controversial
i ended up being bigoted n loathesome
im really very very very sorry
it was simply just rubbish

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