posted on August 1, 2009 at 11:10 pm

the crowd in their seats
i see them all
i take them in
a voice emits from speakers
the music is loud up here
the electric piano is real loud
what am i thinking about
i see the places in the song
i think about london
as an outsider
a necessary point in the arc of this show
everybody putting their different things in
interpreting kevs great songs
over two hours of great songs
now its over again
for a while
cmon its gotta do the rounds, right?
it truly is the feel good summer smash hit blokkbuster musical
its an amazing show from beginning to end
tender country
to shattering rock
good show!
me…..somehow i surrendered to the moment
sk shut down a bit
and let the other guy out
it was a relief….
feeling much more rested today
after early night
no partying n drinking for me this time (if ever)
back home in the early afternoon
in time for…..

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