posted on August 1, 2009 at 12:10 pm

steve steve
a worried stagehand is looking for me
its ok
here i am….can i go on this way?
mate you can go on anyway you like now ive found ya…
sit on the sofa if you like
i sit there waiting to go on
i hear my music start up
and i stride on
i pray to the god of show biz for good luck
but i dont forget the words
but i dont forget to move and groove
you know what
i was ok
thats good enough
i felt like it was you know kinda good kinda ok
i can never really tell
i felt it all flow thru and around me
im glad i didnt forget the words
or trip over
or anything weird or strangely embarrassing
i acquitted myself…did my thing
several of the others congratulate me…thats nice…
and yes
i had some conversations today
i could talk again
the bad magnets lost their pull for a while
oh i wanna get home now
too much going on
see old school friend bronny
whos now a professor up here
she enjoyed it anyway
ditto graham nunn
was the prime minister there…?
the weather was excellent
the other players n singers a marvel….
the show a huge success
i happy at last
to be a cog in a mechanism

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