posted on February 27, 2016 at 10:39 pm
stevens cat

stevens cat

lunacy is back on the table

we summon the waiter who appears with a flourish

the corazons we ordered..?

ah gentlemen…he sighs

inside his redlined waistcoat ticks the small gold watch given out by time out of its mind

the parrots mute and stuffed into their cages still manage to screech in the canopy

the knives and forks randomly akimbo glint

taking out his little book the waiter writes the word “loneliness” in oh such a spidery scrawl

outside the evening has absconded with anything it could find

wrapping flowers and bits of paper in the semi-darkness then whirling them off

down on  avenue di fiores where the lamplight shines through the trees all wavy and marine

where the guests at some elusive party laugh and clap

in the warm night air it seems to be coming from everywhere


i know

there was something missing though

in twilight canisters of gin and various other spirits

well maybe they also could contain the truth

when the mind goes blank then truth rushes in like a cyclonic hit upstream

coursing through veins like light

then exploding somewhere between heart and soul

the truth we can set free burns me

i sing

sweet conchita fleeter than a cheetah

sweet gabrielle accelerating gazelle

their husbands roberto and ben fascinating men

fascinating and waiting for their latest plate of amour again

and then a delicious sleepiness begins to overtake my hand

voices out there mingled with the wind and thinned out in sin

a whisper urges out of nowhere

and thats it really and dinner finally arrives

we are already dreaming that we are eating it











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