posted on September 16, 2006 at 9:17 pm

goji juice and godspeed you black emperor
i smoke some dope im getting quite immune to
the doodles wake the bumper up
its early sunday morning here in the eestin subbubs of sindney
yesterday los chruchos diablos trawled thru hours of songs
looking for a perfect setlist
not a note played, not a drum struck
just sittin’ there listening with amazement, contempt, amusement
to all these songs
which ones to play?
no no
please its no good suggesting em
cant you see that?
the song selection process is strange n random
i myself find it hard to impose my field on it
who selects the selectors?
and who selected them?
anyway im still no closer to findin’ out
which songs the ensemble will tackle
i was very very pissed off with a naughty taxi driver however
who arrived to take me to the stude
which is a 45 buck cab ride away across town
this chinese-y dude turns up late in this “silver service” taxi
(i’m not gonna do his accent here but imagine it as rather heavy)
oh oh i must take cab back to base, i cant take you to ryde
i say
well let me out now druid
he say
no no i take you to city
find another taxi for you
if not i promise i take you all the way
i say yeah well i wouldnt mind
but i got this great big heavy bass with a busted case
and all this other malarkey..
he say
oh no no
i look after you sir ha ha ha
anyway i strapp on my i poddy
but mr cabby keeps interrupting my reverie
with assurances of how he gonna look after me
but then again he say
the weather very nice its very busy…
already floating a possible loophole…
anyway we bypass the cross city tunnel
he interrupts my listnin’ pleasure again
to tell me how the tunnel is a waste of time
he say
much better to go thru city!!
3 50 cost too much!!
yeah maybe you save about 15 minutes…..
so we drive thru a crowded kings cross
with all its bullshit
and eventually hit ye olde city
full of traffique n pedestrianos
he keeps promisin’ me
i find cab for you at town hall
its his mantra
i find cab for you at town hall
but guess what…?
uh huh no cabs at town hall
you see everyday at 3 all the cabs change drivers
which means that at 3 oclock in sydney
finding vacant cabs is like finding hens teeth
or the tears of a hanged man
thats why i dont wanna get out
cos im lugging all this stuff
and i’ll be stranded in a crowded city
with a loada heavy junk
one more turkey searchin’ helplessly for a cab
he say i turn meter off now till i find you cab
then we drive round n round the city for 15 minutes
till we finally find another cab
he looks at meter n says just give me 30
i say druid, it was 20 bux when you said you was gonna turn it off
i coulda shoulda been there by now
you drove me round n round the city
which i wanted to bypass altogether
you costin me twice as much n takin twice as long
i give him a fifty dollar note
the little bugger gives me 20 back!
i say listen what the fuck..
he jumps out
sprints with my bass in its busted case to other cab
i m fuming as i sit in the new cab
he bends down to window
see see he take you all the way now
hes amazed that im not grateful
he shrugs n walks away
another happy customer….
so you see
didja realise that i’m a magnet for this kinda cockup
i had envisaged a smooth ride
wrapped in my headphones
oblivious to everything else
but what i got
was a loada argy bargy
and didnt listen to nuffink
i was too quietly miffed afterwards
turn up to rehearsal
already on the back foot
please no
get over its
im over it
its a done deal
this morning we gonna drive the chruchos hire car
to a nice harbour beach with a nice sharky net (with holes)
we gonna have foccacia for le brekko
soy blah blahs
the sand n the sea n the sky
swaying palms
spring mornings
parking traumas
see ya later
unhappy rider of n bondi

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