posted on March 4, 2006 at 1:29 am

good morning
well actually its the afternoon
are ya such a stickler for the truth?
or are ya fickle with it
do you take things literally
i know i do
i know sometimes its hard to reelax
let that meaning course thru ya
oh my
so much trouble caused by taken things literally
for not glimpsing the subtext
for not recognising a parable when you see it
or not knowing an aphorism if it bit ya on the ..
well you know
i dont believe any good stuff
happens ONLY on the surface
you have to imagine if its ever been translated
or retranslated
that people living in other times
had other ways of saying things
as you know
i speak a bit of swedish
and just between these 2 very similar languages
so much room for error
that is
the swedes and the engish frequently
get the wrong end of the stick
with whats really being said
so ya gotta imagine how some really foriegn language
from millions o years ago
comes to be translated by some dude
in the 18th century
maybe thats it
the only version extant
how many people at any one time speak sumerian?
if you find a vase in the ruins of ur
you gonna have to ask one of this small number
to translate
what if he puts his own thing into it
he got an agenda of his own
etc etc
you see where im going
the story of adam and eve
a pet preoccupation of mine
does any sane living persson
really think that the author(s)
of this storymythfable
intended anyone
to take it literally?
i really dont think so
its like emerald haunt in overdrive
you sposed to not understand it
yer sposed to understand it
you get a feeling of velocity
thru some green continuum
as if youve left yer body
and you were blowing thru some venusian/underwater forest
whatever the f@#k that feels like
howard i no
any way
the point is this
there is no real point
the point is legion
according to the viewpoints
of every individual soul
its all relative
it depends baybee
it depends on everything else
i do not believe there was an a and e
that they got kicked outta paradise
for eating an apple
persuaded by a snake?
thats a tall tale
its a yarn
its a story representing an idea
someone had
but that still doesnt mean it isnt true
on some other level
in some other way
thats the trouble
with us westerners
we think that there is the truth
and thats that
one truth
sometimes thats true, too
sometimes however
the thing cannot be defined that way
like for example
how this all got to be here
nowadays they fobb ya off with the big bang
oh yeah mr scientist
there was a big bang
everything exploded to just right
wow that was lucky
one degree to the left
and there goes summer and winter
gee if was spinning a little slower
and if saturn swung in our way
and if the water was saltier, even just a bit
and hang on
you telling me this whole shebang
was a big bang
and out came the fishies and the birdies
and the aminals and the human beens
and music and love
and the summer sky and wine
and children
and beautiful things
just all came outta a huge explosion
isnt that just a little unlikely
but you see
this is a human
and very western problem
to have to see a start and an end
what if it didnt start like that kinda way
i mean
if it wasnt like
there was nothing
suddenly there was everything
the hindus say vishnu dreams these universes
they float out of the pores of his skin
while he sleeps in the causal ocean
there you have another way
of getting the idea across
and the universe is a dream
and youll wake up too
one day and see that
thats how the magic is done you see
some people are awake within this dream
they seem to be doing all kinds of stuff
i dont care if you laugh
ive seen it
ive felt it
but just like in a dream
you can do whatever you want
if only
you realise youre in a dream
thats the hard part right there tho
would be witches n warlocks
its fucking hard to wake up
people try their whole lives
most dont even know theyre asleep
thats why a karate man
can punch thru concrete
why a sadhu can drink poison
why harry houdini
could hold his breath for nearly 7 minutes
submerged in ice
why saviours can be crucified and resurrected
its possible
if you understand not only how
but why
some scientist says god is dead cos he discovers some
chemical or whatever
maybe he has stumbled upon one of gods physical mechanisms
of course god must use a physical means on a physical plane
if christ turned water into wine
if that happened
of course some druid can always says
that blah blah blah happened to the water
causing blah blah blah
there you go
now you dont need jesus
cos yon boffin has explained it all in
an equation…
or what?
we know hardly anything
even about ourselves
every hundred years a new scientific paradigm comes along
completely replacing what we think
we know
what we think we know
ha ha
anyway dont clog up my comments page
with yer stats and sci fi baloney
the indian sages
many many
thousands of years ago
intuited this whole fucken thing
yes they did
they understood that all is vibration
that there is nothing solid or “real”
that its all in yer mind
these guys had the siddhis people
they could levitate
whatever the hell they wanted actually
they understood the idea of
what we call relativity
both physically and metaphysically
while europeans
were probably still hitting their women with clubs
i dunno
i aint got the facts straight
nobody does
nobody really knows what happened a long time ago
and if they tell ya they do
its just pure bullshit
so imagine
this is all vibration
you can be anyone you like
oh that beautiful perfect blue
hes even there in yer heart
keeping yer soul company
whether you know it or not
it doesnt matter
keep yer atheistic moans to yerself
surrender to it
but a little more, please…
ok can you feel it?

i can

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