posted on December 20, 2006 at 8:18 pm

a sodding little imp
has been ruining everything lately
drying out my wetsuit
raining on my dustjacket
my late is the imps early
the imp has changed all my songs
now all the good bits are gone
all replaced with pomp n weakness
my paintings too
blurry n awkward
why oh why does the imp do this to me?
turning my funny jokes into embarassing diatribes
making things fall down on my back
making me harsh n glazed
instead of warm n open
eating away at the fishes fins
making all the paper droop n curl
causing stinging creatures to seek my feet
helping itself to my little bit of time
detouring me thru the dark part of town
making me do things
i never would do
nasty little imp
reveal thyself
for i already know thy face
nasty little imp
bringer of the flies
pincher of babies
friend to the rat
defacer of beauty
blackener of youth
a’lyon n a cheater
dealer of bad hands
the hider of little bags of preciouss
little imp
why why why
why did you detune my strings attached?
why did you alter the course of skyriver?
why did you boom boom instead of bang bang
you hampering little swine
wait till i get my hands around your
wait till i give ya a taste of
then im gonna
and i’ll be thinking of how
you sabotaged my career
and i’ll be thinking how
you engineered my downfall upscale
i’ll be rememberin’ how you dug those holes in my teeth
and filmed over my eyes
you nasty little imp
i abhor thee
who sent you here to persecute me thus?
why did you let down my tired tyres on the way to retire
and when can i have my future back…is it all gone now?
even the past no longer inviolate
you switching round my dreams n meams!
you cancelled long met appointments
you pretend to be me and ring up people
and say stupid things in my voice
and youve gossiped n bitched n boasted n bored
othertimes when someone rang who needed to talk
you answered as if you were i
and you feigned coldness aloofness greediness
and other lovely things youve now saddled me with
till im hoarse from shouting
you give gelatine sweets to my children
you put vodka in my juice
you put words in my mouth
you make smoke appear in my lungs
horrible little imp
go go go
now now
i hate what youve done to me
now goodbye

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