posted on February 10, 2006 at 10:47 pm

what a strange day saturday is…
and shouldnt it be that
you work for 2 days
and get 5 off
consider the beasts who toil not
but are amply provided for
all they have
all the want
all they need
just providence
why are we working?
they all get the same stuff
the basic essentials
its all laid on
sometimes its a bit of a struggle i guess
i feel most critters
would rather spend 5 hungry cold winters
and being free
slavin’ up in a factory
but well fed
have you ever thought of a word
and rolled that word around on yer minds tongue
until it begins to seem completely ridiculous
say steven kilbey
a hundred times over and over
then say
memo akmibo aloha ma
does that feel any better?

well im sorry
the sun is shining
the ghosts having fled
i sitting down in yonder cafe
and lo ; he blogged
and he blogged that all readers everywhere
would stop by each day
spend a mexican minute
to squint thru my load o olde nonsense
to amuse ya for the sake of it
no ulterior motives
except to remind you
if you buy all 5 of my new ballet dvds
kh are throwin in one sk sculpture replica
all made from recycled ivory
and gnarwhales teeth
so the phones are ready now….

maybe i should move into ballet
surely they need some one like me
to shakem all up
i could choreo
main male lead prancing ninny
do music
do backdrop
record it
direct it
its a goldmine
a velvet goldmine
seriously tho my friends
sculpture for your humble egomaniac
thats not so absurd
i love to subtract
ah subtractive processes really turn me on
you have a big slab of sound
or paint
its just a big pig of a mess
then you start to take stuff away
its turning into its self
grab those screaming guitars that are goin all the time
now just punctuate with em
real quick but let their reverb
hang about disproportionately
that drum thing
take half of em out
let the bass throb
instead of pump
so you got a block
you start to chisel
but unlike rocknroll
you gotta be real careful
cos ya cant undo this
youre stuck with whatever ya do
but you cant think about that
you put that chisel
and yer hand hits just so hard
youre aligned with a vein in the marble
too hard this is gonna split
i bet rodin would have dug me
im just joshin’ ya
(he still might have..)
youll be please to know
or maybe not
that i working on my 1st ever
abstract painting
its a lot more fun
than trying to paint something
if only i’d thought to paint
a long time ago
jesus we had a weird art teacher at bully high
it was 1967 baybee
the summer of love
she was the first real hippy woman
i ever saw or met in my life
in the flesh i mean
sure id seen em on the telly
on docos bout s.f.
but here one was
long blonde hair
strong underarm odour
(i guess thats optional
i presumed it signified eathiness)
flowing colourful clothes
and a kind of laissez faire attitude
about teaching
that was a lot different from the dickensian idiots
across the storm water drain at bully primary
she didnt think i was much chop
and she hated me and my immature cronies
but some of the more grown up girls in our year
probably used to go round her house
drink cappucinos and read henry miller
im sure she smoked dope
i only remember one thing she said to me
kilbey….shut up!
most of my teachers were quite tired of me
almost immediately
but theres a difference to watching a film
and being in it
we can now look back on this and say
as we watch the screen
go little steven
kick against the pricks
you’ll grow up and write under the milky fucking way
but back then
in the real bullyneham high
i was just a skinny little bastard
with a lotta lip and prince valiant hair
they didnt know i’d turn out alright
thats why you gotta treat all kids nicely…
so in case they become famous
you end up in their memoirs
as an object of ridicule

im meeting the film man in half an our
wonder what malarkey he gonna try
and lay on my weary shoulders
i do not feel all that poh-lite to day
i hope its at least not absurd
bearing this in mind
i must nip this episode reasonably short
i guess
i’ll be seeing you…..

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