posted on August 9, 2010 at 6:26 pm


different worlds different times

i take off all my close

just need one small in

just a title perhaps (mr)

just a hint (youre getting warmer)

other lives other voices

some invisible hand restrains me

some quiescent voice in my white hart deer

my crimson blood looks blue thru my veins

my tape recorder revolving round n round

its 5 to 11

i get nothing done

online beckons

feint preys  retreat almost exstinct

the first night without you watching over me

crackle of energy

discharged into the outerworld

back beaten track

black sheet of crack

taken aback

the wee small ours

i play every part

upload/ insert

draft edit remove

this cannot be undone



seeing things again

tiny glitches in continuity  of yer reality

i tried to publish this a hundred times

but my keyboards just typing out weird bullshit from magnetic bedlam

i’m trying to learn my play but the words wont stick in my head

if you wonder what all those slashes are its my computers stuff

which once written it refuses to delete

oh well this is a far cry from saturdays blogge

take the ruff with the smooth you readers


i get this problem

fixed itll bee full stream ahead

stream of  (un)consciousness that is

much love

premium kilbey coming soon

hi kip n john

sk   y///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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