posted on February 20, 2006 at 11:34 pm

sophistry, my greedy fiendss
do ya know what i mean?
the way some people can try
and fiddle around
with a buncha words
until you cannae follow nothin’ anymore
or saying one thing
implying another
while actually conveying a third meaning
or whatever you like
i admit to indulging in sophistry
and when unmasked
i’ll take it on the chin
im thinking of yon imbecile
who writes in and says
youre a vegetarian for the wrong reasons
now i understand
im a vegetarian for the WRONG reasons
like the cows would care if we were NOT murdering them
and their calves
a( for us
b) for them
c) for some obscure philosophic sophististic blah blah blah
this is sophistry
didja all know that i was a debater
yep i represented the a.c.t. many times
between 17 and 18
you see
ive done lots of time
sitting around thinking of ways
to make 1 and 1 make 3 linguistically
using strange logic and long words
until a meets b or anything
you want it to be
heres another strange thing for yer perusal
talk about 2 people on a different trajectory
once, the nsw high school team came to canberra
they were billetted out
that means they stayed with the other team members
in their houses for a coupla days
guess who i got
malcolm turnbull
who for the info of the o/seas fiendss
is about 1 or 2 years away from being
australias next prime minister
he is also the richest druid in parlyamint
he has also recently converted to catholicism
and become member of opus dei
he is olde money
hes married into more olde money
believe me
you aint heard the last of this cat
talk about fuck democracy
i was born to rule!
and baybee
when malcy boy gets in…
ooohhh mama that bouy got his own agenda
he is so rich it dont matter
he aint innit for the money
oh jesus
he wants that power
he wanna wake up
look himself in his mirror
and say
malcy…youre are the p fuckin m
this is the dude yer long suffrin’ hero
had hang at his gaffe in 72
you think malcy intarested in davy blowie or marc bowl-on
not a fuckin chance
he musta gotta shock when he saw our workin class red bricker
his dad had just bought him a pad in paddington
so he could have a little privacy
he was as dismayed as you could be
to be in the company of me
he was out in the kitchen with my mum
dressed in the most impeccable smoking jacket
talking politics wiv me mam
and jocie says
say whatever you like boyo
(and i was sayin’ plenty, fiendsss)
but hes going to be the prime minister one day
shes been gleefully watching her prediction come true
as mt has ascended the ladder
we always ring each other up
there you go mum malcys the minister for cellotape
there you go son, malcy owns the liberal party now

and his team walloped us
how couldnt they with guys like him
man this guy could argue and debate
back then
more eloquently
than just about anyone i HAVE EVER seen
before or since
hes got charisma
i hate to say it
but he did then
he still does
hes a fucking genius with language
he can have x equalling y in a second
youll believe it
youll be thankin him for showin ya!
he blew our debatin team back to the stoneage
he was a little annoyed however
while we had drinks at the deakin inn
or somewhere
when the feisty and voluptuous joanna y.
who was the a c t s 1st speaker
she rebuffed his advances
nipped it in the bud so quick
he didnt talk much to me in the car
on the way home
except for something along the lines
how dare she treat ME like that…..
or something
hell i cant remember exactly
this is 33 years ago
any how this guy has the x factor
he is actually far more suited to the top job
than p m worm we have now
at least malcy is true patrician aristocracy
yeah you know the kind, richard and merrick
like lord kitchener or general custer
the “whats a few men type”
im sorry
at the moment im undecided
me and the fam were strolling along
in bondi a cuppla years ago
malcys givin out pamphlettes
jesus of course he dont recognise
or remember me
he gives me pamphlette
he expains his bullshit to me
he comin on real humble
i thinks
wow hes really changed!
OR he wants that job so badde
hes putting on this act so well
he later stacked his seat
(my electorate coincidentally)
he basically got a load of “mates”
(a billion dollars gets ya a lotta mates)
he dislodged the dude who was sposed to be there
its a bloo ribbon seat
hes in
hes a minister
he WILL be pm
and in the other corner is me
leader of his true opposition
the bohemian party
the ones who like
other people in other countries
our planet
our smokey
our music
we dont want violent unwanted progress
fuckin up this place
i dont need a fuckin mobile phone camera internet
ipodding 32 track sampilin cable tv
when i got the sky and the sea
if you think thats simplistic
i guess it is
i dunno
me and malcy tho’
ha watch those two go
further and further apart
till death reduces both our
back to pure possibility
i wonder if we’ll ever meet up again?
love on ya ya gooseballs

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