posted on May 9, 2007 at 9:41 pm

its so bad for ya…..takeoff

killers accounting shop

the hellbound heart

the second greatest story ever told…my mothers book

too much snow bizness

im am la killa
i take the female form because i have a womans sign
i like everyone else
picks up the secret language of the dead
oh let me take you to the islands of the dead
to the firehouse…
the ipod still playing grant or gobs more often than it should
if shuffle is really random
howcome it plays so much stuff of beatles anthology
like you gonna lose that girl 2wice in a cuppla hours
youre gonna lose that girl….indeed
well i used to like it
but its all over now
the silly little voices chiming in repeating n elaborating
“i’ll take her out n youll be the lonely one”
(youre not the only one) sing george n paul
ah its a bit uninspiring really
a little fucking twee for me
i’d rather listen to michael rother
from neu etc
who makes wunderbar electronique es musika de la krautroque
these wonderful teutonic rockers
paying no lips service to the(by now) tedious blues
they approached it in a different way
the result…?
mechanistic drumbeats
synthesizers fixed to the beat
burble and pump in time
something like strings so sad melody
mmm…sometimes i hear bits eno musta heard
specially in popul vuh
the treated pianos
these german guys were pioneeers
today its foggy or lo hanging system of ducks down
your wiggly weporter has been painting
thanks to conversation with painting advisory board
which reported sales up
keep on paintin’
so i finish off the one in the picture here
and start some others
6 oclock in arvo
turns into 10 30 at nighty mighty quickly
when you doing painting
i dont know what the hell im doing
as i told you before
someone inside me
seems to know
so i stay outta the way as much as i can
i listen to my ipod shuffle
as it plays its weird dispro amounts of gobees n donovan
(jesus he used to come up with some tripe!…but good stuff too!)
and the beatles doing an alternative version of maxwells silva hamma
(you can imagine how little i dig that..finger goes straight to the ff)
paint paint paint i go
time stops inside a dream
im outside somewhere
in here the collective human artist appraises distances
makes colour choices
makes flourishes and moves quickly about
the gouache goes on like cream
the pastel is actually possibly very toxic
the advisory board is organizing me some HEPA equipment
i dont know what HEPA stands for
bout it sounds like hepatitis right?
(it has nothing to do with that. ed.)
anyway im getting the filtration n removal machines
because that pastel dust is nasty stuff
and the olde beeing dont wanna dye for his art
so now the dust must be gone
i also trying havin’ a crack at sorting out my “accounting”
im shuffling my mountains of bits of paper about
so the govt can figger out how much to wallop me
thats the price of socialism and i gladly will pay it
no point being well off in the midst of poverty
not that im rolling in dough like a pastry kook
so i pay up if i have to
n take the benefits when i can
but ooh it hurts when you fork it out to ’em
and ya think ahhh less iraq and more arts grants boys
more attention to the wevver
and less of the olde ruinous war war wars
talking of wars
my mothers book is available from karmic hit
its around 25 bucks n in only EXTREMELY limited supplies
read how my mummy got thru the war
and then grew up n produced…..
(drum roll)
have written some songs
was gonna post on a blister on my toe
till i saws ryans toes n read his report
which went something like
each footstep shredded the flesh off the bone
while frostbite ripped back the watery sores etc etc
and accompanied by a picture
of 2 extremely ruined n fucked up toes
i mean
hes not gonna get a job as a foot model with toes like that
so my feeble little blister wont get a mention
(though paradoxically it just did)
boom boom
someone interested in the olde being playing where….?
you mean just me?
so lo
that poor mans middle earthy place
where they still drive austin 1800s?
cmon ….
its only a merest hint of a rumour
so say nothing or youll spoil it
and a certain poetry festival
do they want the being to read froot machine all the way
and an invitation to special gig somewhere special
cant say anymore
and a chance to be on an extremely huge tv show
and play a buddhist ski instructor in “snow”
or a sponsorship by a well known energy drink company
involving millions of pounds
n the slogan
still rocking at 52
or the chance for me to play song in space
on the moon in 2032
when they open up the files on jfk
so itll only be olde dodderers getting enraged
at what they did
life goes on out here in reality
us surfing the edges of time
falling off one by one
as new riders climb on the wave
tonite dinner with d and j
boheemian newtownions in warehouse caper
maybe some pix

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