posted on August 4, 2016 at 12:48 pm


we drive all night thru darkness and wild terrain

the gig in nebraska was a good show

not having been eating much lately i was surprised at how hunger

can help lift your energy on stage

so i had a good night and the audience likes us

then that huge black drive through the night and morning to get here

we arrive and we do a radio show recording some stripped back songs

st louis is hot and steamy but its ok

tomorrow it all starts up again

the last 3 gigs for awhile

fly home sunday night

get in tuesday morning early

man i’m looking forward to that

this is a strange life out here

sometimes it pulls you right in

other times it keeps you at an arms distance

so much fucking blah blah blah

waiting around

looking for things you keep losing

people borrowing stuff that never come back

trying to keep a track of everything that random capricious chance dishes up daily

today i feel neither up nor down

just alright

and alright is fucking alright



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