posted on October 8, 2010 at 9:40 pm

shift worker

using me up

same old same old

boo hoo

now cry now yell now laugh

i remember better times than these n it makes me sick

i ache for sleep to nullify this

burn my bridge when i come to it

i’d plunge into slumber like a heavy white stone

sinking sinking somewhere down there is some oblivion

yeah its gotta be warmer n darker than this

yeah its gotta hold me tighter yeah its gotta rock me until gone

can i find one damn room where nobody ever comes

can i run against the red lights

can i keep a stupid secret man well can i

maybe i need a long long holiday in the delight of gardens

i feel cold its indescribable

fighting the hydra

a hundred new heads but not one brain

a hundred new brains but not one thought

a hundred new thoughts but not one idea

a hundred ideas but not one of them beautiful

you woulda thought i’d had enough

but i fall for those tricks everytime

i swim in the turbulent water

jesus it wears you out fast kicking against the nouvelle vague

in mordor where the shadows lie

new teeth old me

wheres me little precious then…wheres me reward…..

wheres me jumped up pumping pup

the road is long and harrowingly narrow

listen to the sparrowfall

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