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the world of men
pushing you towards a binary decision
the high road or the low road
war or peace
on or off
liberal or labor
democrat or republican
this or that
the world of men tries to tell me
listen, boyo
when it comes to this whole
earth/life/ meaning-of-it-all question
sometimes called
the big question
the world of men in 2007 says
are you a creationist
or are you for a process called evolution?
there are your 2 candidates…
oh now steven you dont wanna rush into this
youve been grappling with this since you arrived
there is no need for anyone who reads me
to write in here
pointing out the way christianity or evolution works
i believe i understand both principles thoroughly
i did em at school, just like you
i studied and tried to observe both things
my 2 choices
i was given as a childe
by my western world
that i was trusting implicitly
because i was
i was a childe
i looked hard at christianitys explanation of lifes beginning
on earth
im sorry everyone
the vicars and reverends
and all good christians
all schismed up into your denominations
and sects
and interpretations
your bloody horrific history
for the man of peace
the people around me
those who claimed loudest they were christian
displaying none of christs grace or mercy
puffed up on their fairy tale bullshit
to tell the truth
they didnt even really understand themselves…
even as a childe
the adam n eve n jehovah and snakey snakey
i mean c’mon
even as a five year olde
one must approach this little cock-tale with a pinch of salt
as an adult i see this is some kind of allegory
it is not meant to be taken literally
its a story that is supposed to point out a greater truth
although whatever that truth is
in this case
eludes us modern folk, i’d say
i mean what the hell are we supposed to come away with
after reading this load of olde malarkey?
1 god created the world….
ok im with you there
of course it raises other questions
but for the time being
2 he created everything but the people to start with and
then he did adam and cos he was lonely, eve
hmmm already feeling like something from the grimms
3 everything was peachy for a couple of days
until eve was persuaded to eat a magic apple by a talking snake
who had legs up until then.when eve talked adsy into a bite
god, totally pissed off (though here was a genius who could design an ear-drum
or a dragon -fly
or carve great waterfalls and all the rest)
this incredible artist
this divine inventor
is totally miffed and throws a william
fuck it says
i guess in hebrew
or whatever him and adsy spoke together
thats it!
he chucks em out
gives us pain and mortality
he’s extra nasty to eve and all women to come
making them bear children in agony
(how were they to be born previously then? one wonders)
cos of that one fucking apple
talk about bearing a grudge….
at 8 years old
i perceived it as one of the most unlikely things
i had ever heard
yet i was told by all the religious authorities
this is the way this world got here
its quite patently bullshit!
why even bother demolishing it further
its totally unacceptable
i was not fucking born in or of mortal sin
i have nothing to do with adam n evie
noah(read gilgamesh)
or someone dying for my sins
i believe jesus christ existed
i believe he said wonderful revolutionary things
was he the son of god?
arent we all, in some senses
and not, in others…..?
he said he was the son of man
thats beautiful and highly ambiguous
but nowhere did he say or even any of the dudes writing it
that he was dying for people in the futures sins
thats an accretion
that means someone added that in later
not into the bible
but into the manifesto of the christian faith
someone came up with that ransom bit
hundreds of years later
it was welded on
jesus never said it
i felt defiantly non -christian
i had been taught or was led to believe
that the other religions were all a load of superstitions
and savagery and idol worship etc
after all christianity must be the real religion
because we had given hindus muslims and all the rest
a damn good kicking over the years
and their gods hadnt seemed to intervene
so one presumed christianity was the last word in god
that last word was
at least as far as
how did this all get here? is concerned
no one could believe that was how
this wonderful planet and all its amazing stuff
got here…
i am not
never was
will never be
a “creationist”
the other candidate
in this election
was a theory called evolution
discovered or invented or postulated or whatever
by a druid named darwin
who was a christian
who was still a christian when he died
who imagined evolution as a part of “gods” way of working
not instead of it
science ran with the ball
they saw evolution in everything
and after a while
evolution became the prime mover
and “god” was gone from the equation
not only that
but evolution was thought to prove
the nonexistence of “god”
of course this left a few awkward gaps
and it was kinda decided ( i guess)
that it all started off
theres this planet
part of the big bang
thrown out from this explosion
as the big bang banged
and these perfectly spinning spheres
come flying out
and go into orbit around this star
also part of the bang-ski
which is just sitting there shining away
and our sphere
called the earth
is just loaded with all kinds of chemistry thingies
accidentally of course
by chance
all of this happened by chance
because western science cannot accept it otherwise
and one day
this is a good part
almost as good as the snake
as far as using your imagination
one day
many moons ago
lightning struck a pool of chemicals
and it
jolted by a great uncertain voltage
though we cannot use that word
this pool of primordial blechh
assembled itself into life
and then
it started to figure itself out
this charged up amino acid thingo
it was now alive
the rest
as they say
is history
the amino slime grew
into bacterial doo-dahs
they grew gills bills
wings trunks
birds turned into mammals
mammals into apes
apes into men
men into….ummm
well that leaves us here
doesnt it
western world
god is dead
said a crazy german guy and we sniggered and agreed
no reason other than the variety of nature:
i say other day
trees breathe out oxygen…its a miracle
commenter says
au contraire…that proves its no miracle
we must summise therefore
everything is totally open to interpretation
each proof for one side
is also a proof for the other proving the opposite
which is based on a chance
of whirlwinds assembling jumbos from a junkyard
or monkeys typing out shakespeares complete works
in other words
its totally improbable , statistically speaking
evolution and random chance and a long time
put this all together
every incredible thing just happened of its own accord over time
all those golden ratios
all those immaculate autonomous interconnecting mechanisms
all this wonder and terror and glory and horror
the world with its tenderness and brutality
everything is just here by chance
theres your 2 choices
howard or rudd
creationism or evolution
the ridiculous past
the ridiculous future
not for me, boyo
not for me
dont tell me i gotta choose between these 2 non starters
you saying i dont have a 3rd
or 4th
or a thousand other candidates
is this really what it comes down to
adsy and evie
or i’m a fucking monkey man
i dont know bout you science-boy
but i aint no monkey
i am prepared to believe we share similarities of design
doesnt all life in varying degrees
dont we have many similarities to a green fly in principle?
arent we all “creatures”?
nobody is gonna trap me into a category
with some tricky loaded phrase like
“intelligent design”
that phrase now carries a christian stigma
unfortunately it is a very good phrase
i can only see
intelligent, nay, genius design
i am humbled by whoever did this, by their vast mastery
not on canvas or film or tape or stage
but a master who works in living things
we know now how our merest thoughts can change the crystal pattern
of water
everything interconnected
everything vibrating
everything moving in a dance of one zillion years
i have avidly searched and read
i do not take things as true because our modern latest science says so
science has been wrong or partially wrong
or right for the wrong reason many times
it contradicts itself every hundred years or more
and thats well and good and healthy
and evolutionist science
has done a good job of silencing everyone else
with ridicule
daring you to laugh
at their lack of birds with half a wing
turtles with half a shell
their dawn horses
and their missing links
big fucking deal
someone or somethings skull
how grisly
the way we dig things up and fuck around with em
i dont need a skull or a bible
i am a living creature
with senses i do not even realise i may have
i think and observe
i hold no fucking allegiance to either side
spare me your christian or scientific dogma
i know it
i read it too
now im feeling something
ive felt it before
it has been a small voice in my heart
or an overwhelming force hammering me along
it has shown me the way in small ways
it has comforted me
it has filled my head with music and words
it has inspired me to try harder
no one can tell me what i have felt and what it was
i have made direct contact only once
and it was everything i always wanted
as sweet a nectar as the hindus always say
thats an allegory, folks
this god of mine
is so huge
is so tiny
does not punish
or judge
does not throw people out of gardens
or preside over worlds of chance
and monkey men who crawled from ligtning struck pools
he will not be trapped in yer test tube
he will not be measured by yer blah blah meter
(i use the word “he” for lack of an appropriate pronoun)
observe this earth
its formulas
its colours
its ratios
the privilege and responsibility of being a human
the gratitude we should have for living in “peaceful” countries
the pain and death yes
but also the love
the magnificence of just about everything
the wonder of it all
does jehovah or evolution really explain it all to you?
take up a discipline
train your eye to see
your ear to hear
question every fucking assumption ever fed to you
including those by me
think for yourself
quieten your babbling mind
things are happening on every frequency on the dial
but we’re tuned into the same old a.m. station
cranking out that same old jive day in day out
think about what you spout
come up with yer own take
of course darwin was on track in some ways
thats what us humans do
we analyse n figure it all out
yes yes yes adaptation is a wonderful process
but it aint all
theres more to it
cmon you can feel it cant you?
life is unbelievable
there is something else
something more
something that seems to remain hidden
something outside the box
beyond our tiny minds
ha ha ha
how funny to think
charlie darwins thoughts
should be seen as the final word
when they barely scratch the surface
they may attempt to explain how
but never
is what
you should be asking

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