posted on May 14, 2009 at 7:41 am

kilbeys hypothyroidal dream
kilbey wakes up in a cold room
a blonde woman enters flicking a little bag of something
iggy sits on his chair in arkadia/lemuria
stroking a hound and a cat
the blonde says
been asleep long?
aphrodite smirks and fingers her golden apple
athene looks like mimi and caresseses her monstrous hounds
scarlet kilbey pushes my last 2 hundred dollars worth of toys
down into a black black hole
i put my hand in there
and horror of horrors something pulls me in
hera says what wood juno?
(thats a graeco- latin pun folks!)
hera takes a picture of it all with her camera
hera today gone tomorrow
iggy wears his silver pants n cuban heels
his long limp insolent hair
hes the perfect paris
the blonde says
lets get started
i watch her face
i gotta get on
i gotta get off
i gotta get under
and i cant let it go
i drop 200 mikes more of thyroxin
my thyroid starts to warm up
im a lamb bore genie stuck in third gear
the blonde says
watch this
the blonde says
can you see
the blonde says
can i put some different music on
whattya want i say
i want you she says
no i dont wanna hear me i say
it puts me off
iggy chooses aphrodite
i can make you happy jimmy she says
with what you know that should be easy… iggy quips
hera with the red hair is predictably miffed
im gonna make yer life a misery , paris hillbilly.. she says
just you shut your mouth
the blonde sloshes down some bubbly n ribena
i wanna hear song for the masking she says
the song comes on
iggy taps his foot
nobody ever…ah but you want me to
now i cant concentrate on what i’m doing
some one breasted female warriors show up
the blonde takes off her shirt and pants
my medicare card chop chop chop on a plate
lost in a white wilderness of female flesh
jehovah appears and says
put me on the guest list in st louis
the blonde says
do you want to stop or go on
what do you want i ask
to go on she mutters
iggy says
yeah man
dont mind me
the dogs growl
the leaves n vines tangle
the love is increased
i say wow
the blonde says
hang on im feeling a bit dizzy
aphrodite says
a golden apple …well whaddya know?
athene says i coulda burned yer fate in the sand
hera says i coulda given ya a six * review
everyone else says oh killer be careful now
steve kilbey says shucks folks…i’m always careful
my dentist says
your enamel is fucked!
my doctor says
your liver is semi fucked
my ear quack says
its disgustin’ whattya did to yer ears
my accountant says
they want yer balls over two easy installments
the kids say can we go on yer computer
the neighbours say
oh he was such a quiet man
the hyperbole says !!!!!!!!!!!
the blonde says
ok…i’m ready to begin again
she says
im fighting just to feel it
but i’m gonna reveal it
yes i say
let everything be revealed
no one mentioned utmw
how strange!

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