posted on November 18, 2010 at 3:56 pm

when i wake up with my kissed back someone hassles me over insurance

yeah the sacred river alph lady can you dig it indeed can you really dig it….?

we float through the cool roots of mountain

underground past the red n green lanterns where we swiftly drift

and it rains gently and the hissing drops melt on your skin

well we were making a movie werent we

i was trying to learn my lines

i was lucky to have got this role

i was playing this guy i guess

he wasnt that different to some version of myself

some kinda singer he had gone into hiding

in some foreign land

i sat in my caravan in my gown

my ipod oozing music

there was a knock at the door

spring had opened herself right up

i felt softly happy  for a little while

the wild raspberries with their certain scent

the calm warm feeling a kind of composure

david neil says man this is 1973 again

just before it all died

david neil carrying his guitar in its subjective case

david neil died so young now he’s singing a sad song

david catch up with me in hawaii

just before our show yes this was true

our show we had booked at the kon-tiki club

i was only 19 years old of course

i flew here on demetrius airlines

playing bass with davy neil at the kon-tiki bar

how wild that must have sounded to kathy and dad

boy how they musta teased me only i was never there

kathy came in smiling the kon-tiki hut has sold out

wow i said as i sat up suddenly

david was swimming in the pool

he’d been working on hollywood ending

it was the beginning of his magnum hopeless he said

a whole suite of songs it was supposed to be

david played it all to me one day

i was fucking gobsmacked

a blue crane flew overhead at that moment

i shivered even though the evening was transparently warm

i walked through that clear air towards you

kathy you were a sister to david too

or maybe you n he were lovers

dad said he liked david

he said david was an alright bloke

kathy said more than alright dad

dad said alright is alright

kathy said dad david is kinda….

dad said hes kinda alright

kathy hugged dad then

kathy said yes dad david is kinda alright….

when david passed away kathy never cried

the mornings just grew somehow shorter for her

she huddled down low to be so unnoticed

david never recorded hollywood ending suite tho

only the title song still remains extant in this universe #23

its a real fucking rocker

it travels past like a wild rhine-oceros

like a nibelung spell

like a strumpet from lyonesses old town

david what went on in your head

where did all that music go?

i pour thru davids record trying to find some answers

david took off my bass guitar parts replaced em with double bass

why did we have to argue man?

because steve you let me down

we stayed at a hotel called neptunes apts 13 strickland ave just by black sand beach

the morning we arrived

and the vista of fruit trees

we rehearsed cross legged under the lemons in the courtyard

i slapped my bass david strummed

the magic comes

holly wood end ing

we have a good fucking laugh right then

the future is obvious oblivious

the sunshine will last forever

the wheeling gulls echo in the sky

the fresh sea breezes

the honeycombed domed tower where we called home

kathy and dad stand waving goodbye against a whitewashed wall

david neil n his band of 2 aboard a ferry for illyria

lady is this illyria ..? david  would joke to kathy as they stood on the beach

now he was finally going there

the elysium club in the underworld district

where he had procured a long engagement

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