posted on January 3, 2008 at 8:31 am

thats right
what do you want
ok its ok
i mean
i guess
i s’pose
rock n roll
pits in my heart
chunks gone
gadgetted up for weeks
are you with me
mind music baby the black hole stars remember
she turns in midnights harbour
powers ending broken
moths around a summer
cracking back the blacksky
dont let me see you
dont let me catch you
dont know my own grown strength
dont own this strength at all
night is a version
pullabout frames collapsible net
sunstruck unstuck heatstroke
thats all right for you
i wish the clouds
i hope the shadow
i think the dark
baby let me see
try now try now
watertight in the aquatics mesh
fractured mambo voodoo juju go go dodo zoo
i torture you lulu
damn it
illa warra
go blitzen n crimper
go mercury and hermies
go bobcats go manx go abroad
gimme some clue
go home boy
get it in
chop it
hash it
blow it
keep it alight
all night
a newman

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