posted on December 13, 2014 at 8:54 pm
sweeping sickness

sweeping sickness

well something swept in it certainly swept in

across nights portals where mere mortals fear to breathe

some pummelling bombastic germ hath conquered me good

and my ahem dental problems compounded as well

i lay in abed full of fever and ruinous dreams

where everything sweet seems wrong

every aching limb arching in the dim bleak break of dawnish banks

oh how i writhe to the heavens without any thanks

the sweating thoughts themselves shudder in darkness like mice in the wall

the inflamed repetition of some banal phrase hold you in thrall

the way you are diverted

mid thought you fade away…

oh i dont know where you go then though

its seems too soon to know said the voice below

my skin is burning in the etheric sky

i am alight and falling in pieces over allemagne

coming down so fast like a man comet ablaze the earth rushes up

i hit the ground in an agonizing jolt

but i wake up in the child who runs from his bed

to tell them about his terrible dream

dont let him go back to sleep then says a voice

let him sleep if he wants to we will watch out for him

says the voice below that

the child rapidly grows up and flies through a window in time

the father and the mother must love one another

the complex ritual of the flies buzzing in your sunlit afternoon

the clouds outside signifying everything and absolutely nothing

everything put together a bit wrong though

oh illness poisons body and mind  so effectively

swimming in a sea sick sea of nausea and deliria

i beached in my bed of tangled sheets and pillows killing my head

the ripped out tides of fortune soon to make me marooned

the doom of everyman playing the pop tune

i got this song in my head and its going round and round

its like corruption endemic at every level

some true life devil must have concocted it

some nordic giant in his studio of steel

hits record and we are in the neon season of yule

to get his sonny jims mind off the crashing dream

we all drive out to albion park rail

one hot dry and dusty christmas eve

wow theres a nativity scene we’ve driven to see

baby jesus with the shepherds and the kings

in this barren australian summer wilderness

that gives way to the fireworks going off in some night

some night like tonight in fact

i must have blacked out a minute or 2

i know there is a world beyond the tawny walls of my room

out there is everything else and more much more still to see

but trapped in echoing mind i find myself asking

who am i?

i  dont know says a voice

i do

says the voice below that

some geezer going flat chat







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