posted on November 3, 2010 at 8:43 pm

double blessings all round

huge storybook fish swim thru the waves

lucky old sun dance on the waves

mermen on the foamy rocks

i dive into this sea and i swim down into swirling green depths

when i surface its 5 thousand years ago and i kick sideways along

lost in this sea king vagabond all sunburnt and freckles

islands float past me

lovely islands in red sunsets

oh those lotus eaters stoned out of their dopey minds

that lotus elan in honey honey

those hazy dreamy dazes the sweet bloom

reach towards sleepy flesh

my men lie in the lotus den

slowly eating eating eating

chewing swallowing sitting back

everything maybe was just dream after that

no witch no nymph no giant no nothing

no gods coming n going in stupid visions

no men out there drowning

the storms subside

the wreckage drifts nonchalant

no cities on fire with screaming night

no monsters eating ships whole

no caves with dried flower no incense smoke

no wine no nepenthe no drug

i dont know

i imagine i’m home

wheres that?

in the distance

somewhere where there is rest

somewhere where there is peace

somewhere where there is love


no ok its just the lotus talking

no love

no home

no peace

no rest


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