posted on November 11, 2011 at 6:14 pm

a rent in reality + ocean glimpsed

11 11 11

the day ww1 finished in 1918

still im not exactly sure why it had to be

i dont understand what that war was for

sure archduke ferdinand got hit

but this was slaughter on an undreamt of scale

the most pointless useless bloody heartbreaking war of all

theyre still digging guys up who were churned into the mud

bits n pieces of 19 year old germans n french n english n americans

why? for fucks sake why?

why do we trust em?

why did we ever trust em?

the same guys bankrolling both sides too

i’d say thats somewhat immoral on a cosmic scale


well we sure got us some young soldiers killed

what incredible reason necessitated this butchery of young men?

the same old arrogant crowd who dont fight in the wars themselves

its a wonder …..did they have any consciences at all?

the generals and lords and kaisers and admirals

ww1 is an atrocity against ourselves

but who can even begin to say why?

the common man trusted that someone must know why

werent the enemy evil?

didnt we owe em one from napoleonic days?

no wait a minute…

has every fucking country in europe had a war with each other?

britain has been invaded by italy by germany by denmark by france

plus it has fought with holland spain portugal russia india arabia

man theres so much bad blood everywhere who can untangle it?

and a steady stream of villainy deprivation ignorance and war

wars all over the place some lasting a century

we will never learn tho will we

if ww1 doesnt make humanity learn what fucking well will?

the germans n english are mates now so are the frenchies

why did all the people have to die to achieve this?

if you think war is any fun

go to the war memorial in canberra

walk down the ww1 wing and you can still get a whiff of the trenches

even behind glass the uniforms of dead men give off that faint stench

the war happened and some people made a lot of money out of it

it was good for business and its a bit of a shame about all the carnage

the great war

a war to end all wars they said …

but theyre still coming atcha with new ones

dont ask me

im just a singer


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