posted on May 4, 2011 at 8:56 pm

silent vicious unfathomable

on the road to underwater damascus

i dream of dry land before earth drowned

i access the collective unconscious accidentally one day

although it lies there waiting for you all

down in the bottom of your minds lake

oh i was diving

diving after some illusive thing

holding my breath in that murky descent

gargantuan cavern never penetrated by light

air in my lungs starting to congeal

the blood becomes green

the surface now so far away oh years and years

i am changing i say to the murk

been under under under so long

underwater under hypnosis

i float and drift like pieces of wood

i have forgotten whatever i it was i was chasing

as the depths open up and swallow me whole

inside my wet suit inside my man suit

inside my strong suit

my goggles full of my liquid eyes

my mind full of oceanic lies

neptunes palace in those seas skies

as we fall and rise

as we fall and rise



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