posted on October 6, 2011 at 10:11 pm

st kilda back pocket

have been down in melbourne working on a short film

its called comeback

its about a rocker who quit the stage and is making a uh comeback

its pretty funny

a lot of hardish work too

doing things over and over for a good take

sorry i been neglecting the blog

my kids are here too

i been knackered every night

also the argy bargy continues to flow

ie i am under constant hassling from beyond my control

thank you sam for all your help

tomorrow drive back to sydney which’ll take all day

i think you guys will like this film i was doing down here

its pretty funny n about this old popstar bobby birdhouse

hes been away from show biz a long long time

he had this one mega hit ” the one hundredth and one girl”

sam sejavka is in the film as my faithful roadie snake

a lowlife layabout type but i love him addled as he is….

we ┬áhad some real magic between us going there….

ive always wanted to act with ss…

the other players were pretty fucking funny too

a hypochondriac daughter trying to take a new publicity shot

a metrosexual son i cannot stand pushing my buttons

a crazed granny groupie still following me from the old daze…


and a happy ending ……..

i guess

nice work keysie who wrote n directed this 14 minute blockbuster

i reckon it might do ok……

(oh i do like a spot of acting……..!)


see you in sydney tomorrow you wild crazy fools……



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