posted on October 14, 2010 at 10:32 am

black o white

lady is a lioness

the jungle the city its all the same

the red flowers against a blue blue sky

leaves glow green

and the air is full of the sea

and the sea is full of monsters

monsters that dream in the depths

what then are their dreams ….?

one day men in the future will know

women sing !

women sing in mornings of the furtherest future

a ray penetrates the gloom

the beat intensifies

and as you move your body

youre insinuated through this colourful cartoon cell

like your swaying down seabreeze lane with an apple in your mouth

the child playing with dolls soon will decide policy

oh the palms oh the holidaymakers oh the boys with surfboards

everyone will live / love like this

zephyr spirit caress mine holy hands

i edit the deep love of the sea folk

i am omega to the next mans om

i am imagining the indian electricity girl but she was also real

india fascinates me tho i never been there

india with its mornings india with its evenings

india with its taj mahal

papers blow off my table where i sit with my goose quill

my white hair done up with a ribbon

no its 2065 and i’m so sad we never get to see it

i have reincarnated in some new mansuit and i live in laos

the future is so streamlined all the bumps have gone

there is no friction where you rub up against life

you wanted proof you needed proof

well here is all the proof you ever going to find

in mornings of the the fated future the faded future

time has bleached out all meaning from the men on the earth

sunshine has dried all your sweet sad tears

the music condenses and evaporates

all creatures great and small

oh we all sliding along so nicely

our appetites are a bottomless pit

pitted against the pointless pleasures of sold

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