posted on May 29, 2010 at 5:09 am

angel in crystal
like a childs magic
what is this life ?
outside its medieval
fleas dirt cold damp
lost in the centuries
fucking woman banging at my door
get thee gone hag i will pay the rent sat’day
anxiety gnawing within
my little rat eating me always
my fire has no heat
my night has no day
only my work
my head light and throbbing
outside myself sometimes
the drugs i take for granted
a pinch for me
i have a tiny monster
indulging her over and over
hidden in the weave
a phantom glyph
as decipherable as a cloud
my work through the night
where does it all join up?
at some sublime point
music mathematics magic myth
rest for a spell
move slowly through a dream
the years are asleep
angel come angel come
soft laughter
her bitter reproach
that strangest pain deep inside she loves
behind glass inside her heaven
eyes of blue ice
maybe i’m blind
my eyes are so sore
my monster needs to feed
my rat begins to gnaw
still the need to work
the need to know
until power is mine
after thousand and one
in the year with no son

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