posted on March 20, 2012 at 9:42 pm

against my grain

steam congeals into ice

spirit condenses into flesh

they say animal turned into human

but ive never seen that happen

voice in another room : but youve seen the opposite….

look i dont want any trouble

i just want to change the world and go home

i just want a cuppa tea and watch some telly

i just wanted to rule the universe..oh what a mess i have made…

last night i was not dreaming as i lay deep awake

one of my souls then left its hearts chamber

and exited straight through the door of the crown

the minute i put me foot down on the os-celerator

you know i’m a pretty sharpshooter on my own plane

i took down the wing coz it drove me insane

i flew into your mountain in the cold astral rain

i am here both by choice and the law once again

i am here to be tried near these piers of my thane

undone by the sons of the evil unslain

unmeasurable things i bring back for perusal

look faint-hearted sword oh damascus inlaid

a diamond geezer i am with divine spam

the violent gods send all of their thoughts to me

i publish them on the net like fish poetry

one  god up in heaven

one god in the sea

one god in the earth

one god here in thee

one god in the fire who sent you to me

one god in the death for who else could it be…?

these fragments and morsels that feed me most nights

i suck up the glamour and i freeze from the slights

and  drove round in my falcon under black and white lights

i stopped in the graveyards and got into fights

i went down in a heap convinced i was scaling new heights

i forged my identity which violated my rights

i entered the blindspot outside the gun sights

i created a war out of maybes n mights

i invented a golem dressed in loose tights

who fucked up my lines and lost all my kites

who lucked out at last last time they did rites

who hung around like some stalagmites

in a cave full of trolls and ‘orrible wights

god i must be dreaming i was walking towards a shore

jesus christ at my side as we walk through the dunes

wow hes talking english with a swedish accent like max von sydow

the saviours voice is so melodious it is so mellifluous

i am hypnotised i cannot concentrate on his sutras and mantras

steven its no good if you dont listen

says that glorious voice so warm and so damn mild

(almost like the voice of a child)

his voice has the quality of every great symphony

his voice i can feel it way down in the ground

yet high in an ether unturned by a moon

sweeter than honey preceding a swoon

more insinuating than a mining boon

more devastating than a forty eight crash

more trepidation than a honeymoon rash

i wake in a sweat i open the door

everythings changed ; its jus’ like before

god i gotta lay off the uranian figs

the physician from greece has been seen at your digs

hes on the guest list for some of my gigs

the ones i’m not doing on account of the rain

it couldnt be helped

it’ll come round again

yeah i crashed into your mountain

in the cold astral rain

i am here by both choice and the law once again







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