posted on May 14, 2006 at 8:49 pm

hello fiendss

i hail the one god
who comes in many guises
the god who unfurled this universe from his dreams
gave it substance
who designed the leaves and the birds
and the oceans and the amoeba
a beautiful god
so far beyond our comprehension
that our greatest genius
could only ever understand
a tiny little part at a time
open your eyes
open your hearts
can you not feel his great power
coursing thru the air and stones
thru the living and the dead
thru the angels and the animals
i have so much to be thankful for
my 5 beautiful daughters
my mother and my 2 dear brothers
my wife
my uncles n aunts
my niece n my nephews
my friends
who sustain me
im gonna mention some names
michael h
donald b
sarah l
simon p
samuel s
marty wp
peter k
timothy p
jorden b
david t
chris w
ann-marie g
michelle w
sean m
jonathan z
jane z
david l
graham n
holly j
patty h
keith f
trevor b
nick l
captain m
dutch p
duane h
alex h
tony p
amy s
zoe m
wendy m
wendy a
glenny w
george ?
penelope h
matty c
pauly h
martin k
mark s

oh god ive probably forgotten someone important
all my relatives
all my cousins
all my fans n fiendss n ‘ficianados

its a misty rainy morning
baby bombadil is sleepin’
evie starr and aurora biggle
sit at the table here
colouring in
centrepoint tower and the hubba bridge
are obscured by cloud
the world is enveloped by sweet soft rain
the clock ticks
the girls pens glide accross their paper almost soundlessly
nk has 5 minutes to herself in the shower
before resuming her 24 hour a day job as mother

yessaday we have a lovely day
visit the art museum
last day of self portrait exhibition
a van gogh!
howcome nobody knew he wazza a genius
while he was still alive?
its fucking obvious…isnt it?
the archibald prize..
at least the winner better than last years disaster
we walk thru botanical gardens
all the variety of blooms
the bats..
the huge ancient trees
all shapes colours sizes
i say this is what heaven could be like
e and a practice cartwheels
how come all girls love to do this…..?
we feed the ducks and the eels
we sit out front of the opera house
the girls shimmy and wriggle on the steps
more tourists
boats, ferries, hydrofoils
someone in the crowd is down
ambulance arrives
i return to my sad thoughts of grant and irene….
a day that memories are made of
i will be thankful for all this
i see all the plants n ferns n flowers
i see gods hand everywhere
what a gorgeous planet
the sky and clouds
the sea lapping the walls of the gardens
the happy people here
we are the lucky ones…..

the huge cosmic god of light years and distances
also in my heart
whispering if i can listen
animating my flesh with life
animating all life with love
letting us have our chance
again n again
sending this soft sweet rain
sending us another day
to love each other
to create our dreams
to overcome the obstacles
to struggle with ourselves
to perservere against sorrow n loss
to remember the ones who are gone
to pave the way for those who will come
thank you heavenly father/mother
for my 51 years here
for my gifts
for the setbacks (which were gifts in disguise)
for all the chances
for all the leeway
for all the forgiveness

what more can i say
its another day


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