posted on December 15, 2005 at 11:21 pm

hello readers
a somewhat bleary and slightly sobered sk
here in acland st
st kilda
early morning
a little down
a little sad
can i bee vulnerable for ya?
ole sk not feeling too cheerful, this morning
howcome you olde rocker? whats yer complaint today?
i dunno.
sometimes it takes its toll
everything adds up
left mah suitcase at the gig
no clothes
no toothbrush
no nothing
just last nites stuff all damp n sweaty
ears ringin
eyes blurrin
head aching
throat sore and tired
inspiration….i have none
bad news business wise
always a catch
always a loophole
always somethin upsetting the applecart
ah what about the gig sk…didja rock?
yeah bub, we rocked
what about the talkers sk?
fuck em. the rude sods
how was the poetry reading?
ok except i got there and i couldnt read the fine print
i had to have a glasses audition
i tried on various glasses of the audiences
until i could see mah own wordies on the page
but when i was finished i could nae see straight or crooked
ah drinkin mah soy hot chokky
feelin a little better
oh sk, you knew you were riding too high
you knew you had to crash rainy friday morning in melbourne
youre all alone
so lonely and sad
ahhhh nevermind, olde bouy
just keep blogging till ya feel a little better
i gotta do a photo session for the AGE
no clothes
no shampoo to wask mah greasy wispy hair
no razor to shave my beardy into shape
no charisma left
not even any pot
cmon cheer up you maudlin fool
spiegeltent tonite
yeah and thats the end of mah tour
that makes me sad too
oh well
thats life at the top of the charts
in the fast lane
in the light of reflection
in the spotty light
in the early morning rain
just another washed up olde rocker
typing at his blogg
just another superstah
goin thru harde thymes
another fly on the windshield
another time
another plaice
people im sadde
im badde
but im gladde
that your there
glad i have ya to talk to
gladde that ya understand mah moods
mah everchangin moods
no one ever said it would be easy, sk…
thats for sure
olde son
thats for fuckin sure

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