posted on June 18, 2008 at 9:17 pm

q : how are you?
a : ok, i got up at 7 00
the girls are all still asleep

q : a lot coming down the line, isnt there?
a : oh yeah…a lot….
last night dave trump sent me the final mix on “operetta”

q : give us a description…this is the church, isnt it?
a : yeah we’re starting to mix the new album
and this track was second cab off the rank
its me playing the piano
i came up with quite a different downwards progression
and thats the choruses
the verses kinda rest on one note
but everything moves around so much you dont really notice
martys playing bass with a pick its very exact playing unlike mine
peters playing elyctric guitar and guitar “strings”
frank kearns from dublin playing lovely 12 string
dave trump playing 6str acoustic guitar
tim plays drums n mellotrons n backing vox
its a bout 6 minutes long
the voices all sing different parts and answer each other
i wanted to get a real opera-ey feel
not that i know anything about opera…

q : any singing thats vaguely operatic?
a : well at one point a new voice of mine bursts into the chorus
and i imagine me appearing on the stage and singing these lines
i did it for tim n trumpy th’other day at the studio
with 2 big cushions up the front of my shirt
to increase the opera singer quotient

q ; what are the words?
a : the phosphorescent rim of the sun turns to face us
and the comets come !!

q : how was the mix
a : beautiful perfect lush gorgeous

q : is it like anything else the church has done?
a : no! its quite different

q : is there anything “churchy” on this new record
a : yeah …there’ll be a few

q : did you ever get the lost paintings back?
a : no and not compensated either

q : how about those glasses?
a : nah…nothing so far

q : cant you use those 10 dollar ones from chemists?
a : i am but they hurt my eyes n gimme headaches

q ; you sometimes allude to a tax problem…?
a : i get my royalties without tax taken out
im s’posed to put 40 per cent aside for the taxman
but i never do and we just spend it and now i owe him
but i aint got it…..

q : what worries you ?
a : just the usual stuff
taking care of my family n stuff…

q : hows your health?
a : good…touch wood
my lungs are a bit congested from smokin’ the weed
my ears are really really bad..fizzing ringing hurting
i really am quite deaf, you know

q : someone said to you youre well preserved cos of heroin
a : ha ha…no thats a joke
i mean as an actual substance i dont think heroin
is that wearing n tearing
probably makes your heart beat slower n stuff
but everything else about it just ages you quicksmart!
i really do not recommend it!

q : and the weed?
a : i wish i could stop for a while…i really do..

q : but..
a : well you know…um…its …ah…

q : yoga…?
a : great breakthroughs
people who dont do yoga cant possibly imagine what its like

q : but its no fun at first…
a : you gotta persevere
the universe dont give up its secrets just like that

q : crowley said there was magic..
a : and there was yoga…
yeah yoga is the force reshaping me
thats when it started 2003
i started doing yoga again regularly
and everything changed

q : are you a new man
a : certainly seems like it
i have acquired charm now
ideas flow uninterrupted
things occur to me
i tap into some deep well

q : ever think you demystify yourself on here
a : sure…thats the gamble or gambit

q : been a bit melancholy lately
a : financial worries plus sometimes existential fears
wow im really getting old here….!

q : youre very honest…or are you..?
a : i cant tell anymore..theres always another layer underneath

q : whats all this with the anonymouses?
a : i hate seeing my comments page ruined with rubbish..
after all
my comments are like my guestbook
a message or question from you to me
after having visited my thought-dwelling that day…
theres one particular person
well you all know who it is
i ask you please not to respond
its such a shame to cut everyone off
just to keep out the one idiot
thrashing around in incessant delusion
but in case theyre reading this

q : whats on today?
a : going over to tims to werk on cherch

q : any last thoughts
a : a deep and respectful appreciation of my readers
a special thanks to subscribers who get no glory
but help keep this ball rolling
and hello to the people..hundreds of em
who never comment
never reveal themselves….

q : one last thing?
a : lets get this fuckin’ dog n pony show on the road…!!!!

q : n.a.e.t. 08?
a : ok!!

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pam n perry

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