posted on August 8, 2006 at 2:34 pm

where are you nevets?
im deep in a dream, muse
im asleep at the bottom of a black chasm
im so far away…
wake up nevets its time you were about
(a phone rings)
from a million light years
my consciousness rises
up n up nup nup
ascending thru my hopes n fears
my past lives
my secret ambitions
up n up nup i go
rising up to myself
my hand goes out
picks up the phone
“steve, hello….”
am i steve?
where am i?
i was so far away
somewhere in a world of pure idea
somewhere out there so far
somewhere in here so deep
“steve its roger kaputnik from the miliapolis bugle…”
auto pilot switches on
oh hi roger…
an interview follows
under the milky way this
under the milky way that
ahh got the wrong room
under the milky way is in room 1313
rogers got it all confused
he must think its 1986
he must be thinking of the outfield n frankie goes to hollywood
n thompson twins n all the other detritus from those times
did i have to be pulled from my black place
to reminisce about this olde albatross…?
we finish our conversation
roger aint a badde guy
i end up likin’ him
i hang up my bone white phone
i sit up n look around
im in a hot room
in a king size bed
i could sleep in it sideways n still have enuff room
we need one o these at home
we could get everyone in this bed
the doodles, the bumper, the twillies, me n duckling, the lot
the a.c. is switched off
its either ice station zebra
or tropical humidity
and i prefer the latter
i hate freezing a.c.
look around the room nevets, what do ya see
i see my ipod sittin’ in its lil charger
i see my lapptopp
i see my suitcase, an explosion of unwashed clothes
n gifts n bits n pieces
i see the tv set i will never switch on
i open the curtains
outside my room is an empty indoor swimming pool
nevets HATES indoor swimming pools
beyond that a riot of green trees
im in the south
im in ….(thinks hard)
im in…durham, north carolina
nothing would be finer than to be in carolina……
(at bully high we changed the lyrics to sixty niner)
in the mor-or-orning…..
wow im in carolina in the morning
well i think that maybe there are finer things…
so far
long drive from atlanta
we laugh n argue n listen to music in the vans
i watch the movie shriek by jeffy vandermeer
which features
*my voice
*my artwork
* our music
and queen hashy-putt
you gonna wanna see this moovie
cos its got yer painting in there
in a virtual art gallery
hangin on the wall as fine as ya please
shriek….its a about fifteen minutes long
its weird…ya gonna love it
ya gonna buy 2 copies
anyhow tonite we roll on to
norfolk virginia
virginia where mah sweet wife natalie grew up
(relive yer childhood down in virginia, duckling)
virginia where johnny fogerty went seekin’ shelter from the storm
scarlet virginia kilbey aka baby bumper bumback
whos probably forgotten her ole daddy by now
virginny, where the whole damn thing started
i love virginia
i cant help it
its fuckin’ beautiful
its in my blood
sweet virginia
meet virginia
virgin for short, but not for long
well we wont forget atlanta so soon
still feeling energised by that great night
despite all the starbux n subways we stopped at
(sk has veggie patty…it aint too badde…at least i aint got sick yet)
we last nite pull into this weird hotel
we all have a jap dinner
(sks has agi dashi dofu n tofu hibachi + 4 cold sakes)
we come back to hotel
retire to mr dickinsons room
i introduce him each night as roberto dickensian
hes comin on an playin more n more with us
lassa nite he wants to do some harmony rehearsals
on invisible
robby baby olde nevets is too “tired n emotional” for that
we sit around smokin n laughin and tellin’ stories about “the day”
i really really like this character
hes a real handsome english lothario
a ladies man, a heartbreaker
a basil rathbone for the 21st century
im so glad he came on this tour
an instant rapport
heatherspace you were right
him n us are a good combo
if you aint heard his record fresh wine for the horses..
watcha waiting for
its been on high rotation in my poddy for ages
pick one up at the show

now lets see
some real highlights left
new york of course
chicago…always good town fer us
san fran..they like their choich there too
dunno how norfolks gonna bee
deetroit….yeah its usually ok there
sellersville pa…????????????????
where the hell is that?
im listnin to equatorial stars by frippy n eno
sks music of choice to tap blogg to
and people
my people
my wayward flock
my fiendss n fanss n friendss n assorted knuckleheads
WE ARE AT 17!!!!!
17 with a fuckin bullett
sweet seventeen
heaven seventeen
cmon people, we’re making it now….
ha ha
we are indeed moving up the chart
displacin’ the non entities hoggin the highway
my destiny is to be number one
i will sweep away the metrosexuals
the naked gay boy (not game to read his blogg)
the sexually impulsive girl
(we used ta call that loose morals back in the 1950s sweetie)
the bottom smacked bimbo
(but i DO like the pictures)
those bloody foreigners n their incomprehensible words
the boring olde other ones
im gonna get there
i think i can
i think i can
i think i can
cmon fiendss
get yer friends on my blogg
make up those numbers
stack the party with my followers
summon the faithful
olde sks going straight to numero uno
im gonna rool bloggtown
im gonna legalise bad spelling n self aggrandisement
im gonna wear a crown of words
and rule from a throne of ether
i am the blogg king
i can do anything
if you have jazz or vegan delites for olde sk
jus’ tell em at the merch desk
theyll putcha durectly in touch
remember fiends
im countin on ya
number one
we can do it
im gonna do mah yoga n chi routine now
im gonna have ta turn on ac tho
its hotter than hell in this room now
i love ya
ya big dummies

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