posted on September 14, 2011 at 1:22 pm

indebted to a future i would have hated

music then shall be the last word

special music

music which defies the gravity of the zeitgeist jive

music for the nuptials of night and the funerals of day

i must sing babylon i must sing of the sunken island

i must sing of all those young men immolated in war

because if i dont then who will….?

who sent me here to do his bidding…….apollo, himself…?

the wonderful ms saraswati i wonder….mmm.. such grace….

i honour the spirits of art who lay masterpieces on us

we could have lived in a world without song

an angel whispered these words before i was born

blessings are cheap o soul of this boy

i sing all the singers invoking their songs

the past will lie like a sky on your life

none will believe any truth that you have

the morning of man in the earths long decline

so sing of the time that no man shall see

i will watch over you for a time

until one day when our luck has run out

we will be unmade and each to his own

painless for you but i scream and i scream

falling helplessly in love with the pull of our lord

one glorious day he invented all music

and he freed all the songs that flew in to thin air

all of the scales and tones and the keys

each representing divine arcane spells

all of the instruments that stab and then run

or the glide of a xylophonic glyph in reprise

or the wallowing horns mournful but on

playing over  in rooms in glamourous hotels

the fizz of the tambourine inside my ear

the time accordions into your now

a  chorus of greek women to sing of your doom

this music you write is too fine for this plane

it will slip through their grasp like youth and like fame

the words that you find in the ends of your mind

some they will crumble some they will stand

plummet the depths of obsessive depravity

or soar thru a stratosphere untainted by love

the guitars indicate your remorse and intent

the guitars represent the alpha omega

the guitars barely hinting at 10,000 bc

the guitars all dressed up in sustain and in echo

the guitars acquiring a taste for more speed

so sing of the things you learned before this life

sing of the women sing of your deaths

sing of the blood thats stains every age

sing of the glory sing of the shame

sing of the shadows that haunt all mens memory

what did you all kill at the very dawn of time?

what you slew was not slain and it slunk away livid

sing of these monsters that fill up your head

sing of the nymphs you dallied with in old days

sing of the consorts and sing of the priestesses

sing of the queens you humiliated and abandoned

sing of the slave girls forced you down on your knees

sing of the mothers who delivered you in agony

sing of the sisters who held you at night

sing of the witches who magicked you up

sing of the sirens who crashed all your ships

sing of  ugly angels you have rudely disdained

sing of the beautiful bitches you have to indulge

sing of the wives betraying their husbands

just for the bitter mark of a kiss

sing of the girls from those other times 

the minoan ladies with breasts that were free

the babylonian babes who fucked you like snakes

the passionate italians and the frosty hyperboreans 

sing of the infinite variations on loves hypno-theme

all its betrayals and its inevitable ends

all its vain glory all its transactions

all its renewals all its defeats

sing of the way love has its beginnings

the way you may feel when sweet love takes you whole

and suddenly deserted with all your soul aching…

oh these are the songs that are worthy of man

a man you were once a man you will be 

sing of these men and sing like a man

and know man is not the only one singing

for what of the birds and what of leviathan

and what of the stones every one of them singing

 few that can can hear their  subtle stone song

so sing of the minerals deep in your earth

they influence you all in ways you cant know

sing of the stars but you know that yourself

and everything is exactly where it should be

and thus spake some angel i guess that thats it

or maybe i dont know…its a nice day outside….







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