posted on July 19, 2006 at 8:04 pm

i am non-plussed
i am feeling neutral
neither happy nor sad
sobering up to the long hard gruelling tour ahead o me
the long long miles
the heat n grime
the short hours of sleep
the 3 am stops in garages buying crisps n juice
phone interviews with distant voices
going thru the m’oceans
how was sanna barbra, sk?
how was yer gig?
it was ok
it was all ok
ok such a lovely phrase
a world of meaning in ok
saying everything n nothing at the same time
santy bra bra is a lovely town
seriously gorgeous in its summery blossoms and village-y atmosphere
people are doing well there
everyones relaxed
(mellow as they would say themselves)
thanks to the people who helped out
they know who they are
i also forgot to tell ya we gotta harpist playing with us in socal
patti hood who is brilliant
youve always wanted to hear the hchcur with a harp
hears your chance
thanks to deniece for prints n gifts
paulie v whos got more footage of us up his sleeve than ya can beleeve
hours n ours n hours
we gonna try to putta little video on here for y’all
(if my lappy is up to the gig)
the audience was very nice
we played 2 on-cores
it was hard to breakthrough…
breakthrough to what, nevets
what are you breaking thru to, olde bean
i dunno
whatever it is/was we didnae do it last nite
but i aint complaining
ive been up early swimmin’ in the lovely roof pool
fountains spitting water
cool arbours n shady nooks
i did my chi gong
my lungs trying to sort the smog from the chi
the prana from the fumes
sometimes i just going thru motions
sometimes i connect
but once youve connected, nevets
once youve reached that audience
or that satori
or that deeep place
well you cant stand it if it aint like that
all the time,everytime
so there ya go
sports fans
kilbey kicked a few goals
hes in ok form
maybe shed a few pounds and dollars
maybe pace himself more
(a guy came on stage with about 15 jagermeistahs lassa nite)
maybe he should train consistently
and try harder
la tonite
i gotta feeling she aint gonna take me in her arms
i gotta feeling hollywood aint returning my calls
its ok
gotta let it go
breathe deep nevets
see your california dream fly away…
just like the red balloon from th’other day
let it disappear up in the clouds
who are,
after all
just like you

ps peter pogcast
where am i now?
can i bee back in personal?
getta me backa onna mah charte

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