posted on June 14, 2009 at 11:41 pm

the road
the road baybee
like i never got off it
the road going on n on
another best western
another struggle with my suitcase
i use my machine today
and it really works
the lines soften and kinda go smoother
wow…it really works….instantly….
what do you know…..
gremlins and jinxes
a terrible truck accident between wherever we were and portland
hazardous waste
someone definitely died i ‘d say
puts things into perspective
we drive on thru the days n nights
pine trees n little mountains
we stop at black bear restaurant
the waitress asks :
what do you all do?
i say (indicating trevor our lighting man) :
hes a male stripper n we’re his backing band
(an old old gag)
the waitress stands staring at trevor
who doesnt look like much of the stripper type
finally she blurts out half laughing :
thats freakin’ awesome!!
i do my yoga faithfully thru thick n thin
i watch a video about my new cosmetic machine
i try to sleep but i wake up early
i hear the birds tweeting at dawn
i look in the mirror
sometimes astonished by how old or how young i look
how fuckin’ weird to be 54 and be me
doing this of all things
dressing up in black jeans n jumping around
shouting out these meaningless/full songs
not eating much
not sleeping much
missing my wife n family so much
scarlet gets on the phone n wails n sobs
i miss you daddy please come home from ‘merica now
i’m sitting here now backstage in portland
we are in a very pine trees n quaint old 2 story house district
the sun pours pleasantly in the window
the summer is mild so far and gentle
it reminds me of sweden sitting here in this room
typo-ing away
trying to figure it all out
my place in the uni(corn)verse
havent eaten yet but must do
at truck stop saw a terribly obese man
leaning against a car like he was having a heart attack
hed just bought a three gallon cup of coca cola
a lot of people look sick here
its the kfc n big macs
its the sodas n the sausages
you see, with my american family back home
i feel sad for america
not in a snobby superior way
but as a close friend seeing someone getting unhealthy
i love americans by n large
theyve always fucking treated me fair n square
my wife is an american
and quite frankly
i wouldnt have it any other way
there are 2 parallel americas
theres the great mass of soda gulping sickies
who dont know where england is on a map (approx 70 %)
then theres your dylans n verlaines n morrisons
and theres your writers n actors n cool people
and never the twain shall meet
the best n the worst : america
the nice people so nice
the ‘orrible ones so ‘orrible
the usa doesnt give a flying deficit what i think
and who else does?
its already 5 17 and the day has evaporated before my eyes
never to come again
the afternoon sun is so cheerful tho
and the overgrown gardens…
more superglue for my finger
we leave after show
driving to seattle
where we play some radio show in morning
more long dark dangerous drives
hoping tonite may be a good gig
interviewer : what will you do tonite?
me : come out rocking n try to kick a goal
are you fit ?
fit for nothing
are you gonna win?
i can only hope so

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