posted on November 13, 2007 at 3:19 am

steev thrillby
androgynous albino hermaphrodite
world famous photographer and dancer
older than tomorrow already
adept of tantric yoga
murderer of time
hardcalves and softheart
lives with his/her daughters
the five graces
in a little duplex cottage
next to the cosmic sea
spring was changing into summer
day was changing into night
thrillby was changing into something more comfortable
naked on his/her yoga mat
he twisted into garudasana
and ascended slowly
as the blinds flap flap flapping in the wind
as sweet incense coils to the ceiling
sealing the room with sandalwood and wild rose
rose up to the windows filled with liquid glass
lover fighter thinker thief
miracle worker abroad
spearman mintlamb
is this a take off
screamed at the launch site
sight and taste and hearing now merge
taste this music steev offers to you
precise german and germane
germinating aerating water whence springs all-life
everyman is in love with everywoman
birds fall from the sky out of wedlock
oh the clefts of the female
oh the obsidian man
blessed be the child of their union
sacred like the name given to loves rooms
in the balmy bar me evening
evening up the odds
odd that you should mention it
steev is so far out hes come back in
poor thrillby
are you jealous
are you envious
are you serious
are you certain
poor thrillby
so rich in adjectives
a huge insatiable vocabulary
sexy dipthongs
sensual turns of phrase
table of malcontents
dramatis personae
exit exeunt exstacy
crack my smack with speed
encrusted aphrodisia in whorling filaments
sculptures of semi-darkness
faxing a shadow on teleport road
rode me hoarse man
manage without me
look left
look right
look at you
abrupt end

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