posted on April 14, 2009 at 9:04 pm

mad just like you like me
i pour out n out n out
my only gift
an ability to hold forth forever
on any subject known to man
except maths
i worked with jorden brebach again
at the orange room studio
a lovely attic room smack
in the middle of sydneys rag trade district
theres a lotta traffic birdies kiddies
so we open the window record all the ambience
put it backwards against itself
and then protools it
to fade up with these guitar swells
so the weird ambience sounds part of the guitar
we played around with music n words for my exhi in pitts
soon it will be finished
and youll be able to look at my controversial paintings
and hear their controversial sonic counterpoints
i provide the lot sweetheart
visual aural n verbal
one giant ego trip by me
cos i’m either fluent in the arts
a colossal wanker
voice in another room : guess which one i’m going for…
i been thinking v.i.a.r………bout time he had his own blog
muse : hes just another version of me….
ah shaddup then…both of ya
yes i am a colossal wanker
you dont think sali dali was too
you dont think mozart would have been a wanker
if he wrote his own fucking blogge?
v.i.a.r…tsk tsk…comparing yerself to the greats again
its frustrating
i’m not really “great” great
i’m merely great
i’m really just yer plain olde renaissance wanker
i sing like michaelangelo
n i paint like liszt
or is it liszt?
or is it lizst?
why couldnt he spell his name properly
did he really look like rog adultery..?
yeah there i was in surry hills
recording me stuff
i been swimming in the morning
to the pool with eve
who stopped swimming
when she saw some crabs at bottom of pool
i braved the crabbies and did mah laps
i emerged unscathed
when they failed to swim up 15 feet and nip my doo dahs
but who knows what jehovah might instructeth them to do today
“and He spake unto the crabs and said verily nip that bastard!
and lo the bastard was sorely nipped!” (CRABS,23)
v.i.a.r : bet yer former fan enjoyed that…
former fan : damn!
latter day saint : knickers!
muse : bollocks!
barry : woof woof!
maudlin git with wimpy voice : twee slop piano boof
death metal singer : satan enema prepuce stenchy cadaver gall bladder pig
country singer : i divorced my dog n ran over my husband
the israelites : look we just popped over for some milk n honey…
king david : bring me a thousand philistine foreskins
king david on drugs : bring me 4 philistine thousandskins
goliath : ow fuck!….you little bastard….
samson : leave it long at the back, thanks …
delilah : mmm youd look good with a crew cut
jonah : had a whale of a time
gilgamesh : tell noah to gimme my flood back
gilgamesh : tell adam to gimme my garden o eden back
nick ward : this is a fuckin’ yip blog
peter k : hasnt got a black pixel in its body
marty w-p : steve…did you ever read that email…?
tim bo : no…you play the fuckin’ mellotron…
ploogy : this is my friend, chris planet….
banger pearson : killer…are ya ready to hit the frogntoad?
david neil : im dead tired
u#23 : im a frickin’ masterpiece….aint i?
gaf : im a gaffe
starfish : i’m a crusty asian
crab: nip
cat : nip
tree ; sap
watts : up
good : bye

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