posted on October 1, 2013 at 6:29 pm
me in the past

 a me in the past

a me in the past knocked this all up

i’m just here today looking around

the view in my skull endless and dim

the purple shades of tipsy evening

still vibrating still expanding

out there the sea again i can smell its swelling waves

the darkening waters through the trees

endless caravan park of flimsy shades

a comet flashes over the showerblock in the bush

and christmas evenings we are still children

the grown ups drink beers and play cards

dad makes em all laugh ha ha ha

we run away away we run away

all around nature prevailing

down at the beach an albatross  crashed exhausted

and lay there turning into sand itself

the jungly path full of knotted roots illuminated by a bonfire on the shore

the threatening storm hovers in memory

we talked to some girls who remained in darkness

up in a dune lying close to escape from the wind

they told us of whales that walked on the land

and a summer snow storm which iced up the fish

and the frogs who appeared on the lawns of the great garden

and black roses with thorns of silvered workings

and drops of blood like crimson paint on my poor finger

the comets tail rained down cosmic rays

and fish writhed in watery agony beneath a black and twitching surface

and all shattered by the fighting birds screaming from the roofs

when i creep home alone its 2 o’clock and i sleep in the annex

i dream of flying flaming over a great city

as i burn up in an atmosphere like this

my mind becomes beautifully empty



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