posted on November 28, 2011 at 5:15 pm

hillman imp


lily strange bell yon child

the surging urging merging dark

far off in morningside far off in june

fiat lux or what you are the lark

more-ish dish of flying fish you wish

opulent pluperfect perfection a pinnacle

i turn the seasons wheel as slowly

for upon my shoulder my head like boulder

this frivolous flippancy of fops fakers and frauds

henceforth defence in govern meant to pepper mint

something blue my mind behind it all

i find it all amusing choosing the right worlds

you swirled me into the withheld hold hurled from hip

i dabble n delve near the reeds and the strings just gliss

your manikin approaches causes my falcon to hiss

no measure of the jester who just must of adjusted her

no quarter or dime for a daughter upon time

the pretender will not surrender the crown of king night

i serve no mortal tyrant though i am reliant on reliable stars

i am only aloud to move in diagonal squares but who cares

i severely sever the lever even steven leavin’ this evenin’

i hob nob with weave and bob i dob in the unicorn on the cob

feel free to feel something i hope you can cope hopelessly

touch my scars the healing mars the pain all over again

i got the music in a head i herd it embed i got it in stead

i reap  protection of some force of course it will one day be dead

i murder the slander slinger the moon singer the woe bringer

i embrace the face of the traces of jehovahs over study

vishnu i wish you knew him how universes come through him

jesus the anointed one the son the sun the nazarene with beast all gone

the sluts of babylon come on n on all tits and assyrian

those priestess slinky winky blinky

ooh they foment torment in a torrent

they ghost the dawn beyond our dawn

where all must walk

queen jack pawn




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