posted on August 28, 2006 at 7:57 am

youve been there with me all day
as i rolled outta bed at 7 am
and i sat n meditated till the sun came up
drink goji juice
take nippers to school
walk to the pool
stop n buy a lime sports drink
buy 2 balls for 1$ gum
listening to adam n eve by cathy wheel on podman
theres the sea, slightly angry n restless
across the grass we went
the hot sauna
the cold green pool
again the sauna
a scalding shower
chi gong in the freezing wind
that was blowin’ in from antarctica
pull on my clothes
ipodman reinstated
feel like a million bucks
sprint up the stairs from pool
buy a takeaway coffee for the missus
stride home listening to dickos old band
wow futureboy is a good track
good on ya dicko
a toffee nosed shoegazer
if ever there was one
(but werent they all a bit posh…them shoegazers?)
but im really enjoying it
its my fave record du jour definitely
dislodging the other one
strange parallel in a way
we were both too good to be really huge
ha ha
(but aint it the truth?)
(and who cares anyway?)
(and why everything in brackets?)
contemplated writing an erotic blog as experiment
(i have quite a way with words they say)
but eventually good sense prevailed
took aurora to dentist
tooth was singing should i stay or should i go
dentist saying could go either way my girl
have to wait n see
go to art supply shop
aurora wants something but not sure what
the whole time the dentist was working on the tooth
i was feeeling every last jab n buzz
eve n aurora baybee
what a trip
lovely doodles but growing up fast now
their faces imply the beautiful women they will become
eve swims like an otter
strange animal grace child
aurora like a palomino angel
dark skin yellow hair
today i have to interrupt class in library to get a. for dentist
the kids are all on computers
zooming thru paleofuckin’lithic landscapes
one kid yells out to me as he roars up to this towering reptile
hey you know what that is?
uh an iguanadon…i venture
nope he shakes his head
its an allosaurus
damn…i shoulda known that
i used to be a dino expert once upon a time
how i felt for the triceratops as the tyrannosaurus savaged his flanks
and how glad as it sank its horns into the rexs soft white beer belly
bugger those carnivorous bullies
take it hard you meat eating brute
hurray for the prehistoric vegetarians
do yoga on balc
cant keep my mind on god for even one second
then i see the sky
dali clouds racing on shreds of grey n blue
how can i doubt the hand of the artist conceiving this stuff
everything respiritualised
nk cooking bean ball burger things for dinna
baby crawling round demanding attention
a certain opportunity has presented itself to me
to be very showbiz
and i wonder if the new improved me
the avuncular cheerful good ole boy who got off the badde stuff
the white bearded hippy renaysonce manne
can this model successfully negotiate
the tricky paths of shonky show biz
and remain integritti intacto
or will i be dragged into its morass
should i?
or shouldnt i?
nk says only you can decide
oh im quite the show biz trooper these days fiendss
you shoulda seen me treadin’ them boards
in chicargy n old new york
jokes n quips
i escape from handcuffs
i do the indian rope trick
i charm the rope into the sky
i climb up
i pull up the rope
and i disappear
maybe my tanned mature good looks
will catch some powerful moguls eye
and i’ll be catapulted to soap opera stardom
playing rob dickos long lost australian uncle
in the bold n the the byootifyul
ha ha
dont laugh
anything possible now
serious art critics like my paintings(!?)
ive done musical shakeyspeare
im gonna be a judge on a songwriting contest(?!)
im jamming with the crickets
im whistlin’ in the fuckin’ rain
whattya want from me?
i dunno
soon its dinner
yum yum
the possibilities stretch out to a nice horizon
it aint all dancing on clouds man
as a swedish smack dealer once said to me
one freezin mornin in stockholm
in the darkness n snow
as we had our miserable meeting
there it was
that was our day together

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