posted on May 20, 2013 at 11:31 pm
more of the same

more of the same



humming the sacred song of the city

my blessing all strewn i come to a gate

forever beyond it lies merciful fields

goldenest pastures of brilliant birds

within velvet shallows and folds in the curtain

within glades of witch and in hazel veneer

up sidewalks of hollywood in creepy old houses

on afternoons 23 years ago

days come and go like ants

in the eyes of a camera the vision is naked

in the woods and the cliffs and the track and the fawn

in the broken down river drowning in memory

in the tumbledown hill in a million lives

in a jar with the wind whistling in it

rattle snake skin newly shed on the way

troughs of time when you slump its quite pleasant

slipping away down the tunnel ahead


you never said


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