posted on July 10, 2007 at 1:49 am

dear fiendss
the time being was absent yesterday
due to a lost internet connexion
eg whoever it is hes piggybacking off
finally got wise
and the internet round this way
is scarcer than hens teeth
ok im on now
but its coming n going
getting fainter
getting fainter
wouldnt you know it…thats how life ends
so i may not be able to even post this blogge
in which case
how is it that youre reading it…
so i donna know whatsa going on with the net
dont someone tell me i gotta fork out for that as well now
it may be the straw that breaks the panthers back
here again
i thank profusely
every subscriber who has supported ttb
i appreciate it
and its very honourable of you lot
to chip in…even tho you didnt have to
the people who dont pay are welcome as well of course
just not quite so welcome as the others
no ha ha
thatsa justa me being a foolish being
being foolish
foolish being
ishing foolbe
nice to have you here
i was fretting to my fambley yessaday
them saying oh jus’ have a dayoff
me going no no no
you dont understand
i dont have days off
thru the thick n thin
up against your well
thru rain n sleet n hailstones as big as bowlings balls
i am here
i know you need it
thats why youre fiendss
because you want your being
when you want it
and you dont wanna fucking have to wait
and then you were left cliff hanging
the being delving deeper ever deeper
shorely hay-dey storeys whirr necksed
i was about to finally tell you some thing
when i lost the thread
the internet went down
i was stranded
lowtide becalmed
in a sea of passwords i couldnt guess
signals i couldnt attract
and diagnostics i couldnt understand
fuck em all then
i did what i could
i guess im gonna have to pay
its against my (greedy) principles
i feel the world does owe me a living
or at least
the internet could continue to be free
why isnt there a rule for me
and a rule for everyone else?
so inconvenient doing it by the book
the way eye see it
is this
all tho i am not the greatest
who ever lived
im so much better
than loads of the useless gits
who are living it larger than moi
in fact
now take 2 minutes
to think of all the talentless
who are
in fact
living it larger than your beloved being
be beloved being
being beloved be
arent you angry that some
pretty insipid boyband
are raking in more shekels
than your heroic killa
or some old actress making 20 mill a pic
while your main man stands in the wilderness of cyberspace
virtual cap in hand
i know it must hurt you my people
to see me in my thousand buck falcon
while lesser luminaries cruise in lexii n beemers
i sit here in my flannelette shirt n my broken glasses
yet blokes who dont know nothing
ponce about in top line suits n ties

the twillies arrived sunday night
+ 5 other swedes from their fambley
will be living round the corner from us
in a nice house
minna looks more like uma thurman than ever
but dont say it!
elli looks like scarlet
there was a lotta noise here lassanite
we scored a few blows back against downstairs
and their insufferable doof doof doof

have been working more on solo album with timbo
its coming along nicely
very pleased
youll like it
its pretty good
im sure youll love it
and you’ll say
why aint this guy livin’ it large?
and there wont be no answer
thats for sure

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