posted on October 13, 2011 at 8:37 pm

out of body reply

despite impossibility infinity has been reached

time of its own accord with life on earth

a strange intelligence superimposes its will

subject to the moons position in your bed of sky

object to the verb to love

anger is the vermin feeding off my mind

lust is the entangler never far behind

but caution

we are beasts in magnetic fields

we are animals with our pinioned wings

we are cheetahs with the spots of dice

we are glad of our sadnesses

we dim starred galaxy spiral alien seeded superseded dna

my mama was a river in her mouth water reads

in medieval times the dog the cock the snake in the sack

the witches crucified by fire screamed the blues for jesus

the flames that consumed them burn somewhere still

death is a child that wanders a highway

gathering eons in its pale stiff fingers

what does it matter we all drown in time

and spat out somewhere further much further along

the ages move on they rise and they fall

they rise and they fall and they rise and they fall

one day and one night to brahma thats all



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